Family History of Cancer? This Is What We Can Do: Dr. Donese Worden

What are the new tests for better and earlier cancer prevention? If we catch cancer cells early, is there a better chance of successful treatment? How does diet impact cancer? How do we properly get our bodies into ketosis? How does stress impact cancer?

Dr. Donese Worden, with over 18 years of experience, joins us for the second time on the SuperAge podcast to discuss cancer screening, prevention, and diet’s role. Dr. Worden has worked with a number of cancer patients and today she is sharing with us the tests that she is giving her patients to detect cancer early, how diet and stress are major players in cancer growth, and everything we need to know about the keto diet and getting our bodies into ketosis.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • What tests to ask your doctor for if you want to detect cancer cells, determine proper cancer treatment, and check your immune system
  • What to eat to reduce your risk of feeding cancer cells
  • How to get your body into ketosis, and why you might want to be in it
  • How stress plays a role in cancer growth

“Cancer can’t use ketones as fuel but it can use sugar.”

“Most cancers caught early, we can do something with. It’s when they’re caught after the fact they’ve metastasized, the tumor’s too large, that’s when we’re in real trouble.”

“Ketones are a cleaner fuel than sugar. The brain loves it, it’s clean, and it helps us from a cancer standpoint which is the topic of our show today.”

“We have to take care of ourselves. You can’t just hope for the best because, as you know, 1 in 2 men will have cancer in their lifetime. 1 in 2.5 women now.”

Tests that Dr. Worden mentioned in this episode:

-CEA test
-CA 125 test
-Liquid Biopsy
-Keto Start
-Fasting Glucose Level

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Connect with Dr. Donese Worden –

Website: drworden.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrDoneseWordenNMD

Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/DrDoneseWorden

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrDoneseWorden

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrDoneseWorden

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/donesew/



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