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The Inspiring Story of a White House Doctor Turned Widow With Dr. Connie Mariano

Dr. Connie Mariano shares her incredible journey from serving as the White House physician to the loss of her husband and becoming an advocate for other widows. Maintaining health in tough times, dealing with loss, and how we are all stronger than we may have thought.

This week, we are honored to have Dr. Connie Mariano on the SuperAge podcast. Dr. Mariano shares her incredible journey from serving as the White House physician to losing her husband and becoming an advocate for other widows. She discusses the profound impact of personal loss and the strength found in community and self-reflection. Dr. Mariano also highlights her efforts in organizing support retreats for widows and the importance of maintaining health and resilience during tough times.

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Key Moments With Dr. Connie Mariano

“I laugh because I become the widow magnet.”

“I started off as the Navy doctor to George Herbert Walker Bush, and that was in his last year of presidency; and the remaining eight years I was the physician to President Clinton. It was a very different time in history. I retired as a Rear Admiral, the first Filipino-American in US history to become a Navy Rear Admiral, and that was in 2001.”

“It’s been the journey of grief, but I’ve been grateful. It’s been a journey of rebirth, and I have become a better person.”

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Dr. Connie Mariano’s Path From the White House to Widowhood

Dr. Connie Mariano, a former White House physician and Navy Rear Admiral, has led a life filled with remarkable achievements and profound personal challenges. From her distinguished career serving US presidents to navigating the complexities of widowhood, Dr. Mariano’s story is one of resilience, compassion, and transformation.

A Distinguished Career

Dr. Connie Mariano’s professional journey began with an impressive academic background, including her education at UC San Diego and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Her career in the Navy led her to become the White House physician, serving under Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. As the first Filipino-American to become a Navy Rear Admiral, her accomplishments in the medical field are unparalleled.

Personal Loss and New Beginnings

After retiring from the Navy, Dr. Mariano established a successful private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, her life took a dramatic turn when she became a widow following the tragic death of her second husband in a glider crash. This personal loss pointed her towards a new role: an advocate for widows. Dr. Mariano’s journey through grief has been marked by introspection and a commitment to helping others in similar situations.

Supporting Widows Through Community and Retreats

Understanding the unique challenges faced by widows, Dr. Mariano has dedicated herself to creating supportive communities. She organizes retreats at places like Canyon Ranch, offering a safe space for widows to connect, share their experiences, and find solace. These retreats provide not only emotional support but also practical advice on health and wellbeing, recognizing the increased risk of illness and depression among recent widows.

Embracing Life After Loss

Dr. Mariano emphasizes the importance of finding new purpose and joy after a significant loss. She encourages widows to explore their identities and passions, transforming their grief into personal growth. Her book aims to guide others through their journey of loss and renewal, offering insights and strategies for navigating this difficult path.


Dr. Connie Mariano’s life story is a testament to resilience and the power of community. Her efforts to support widows and her advocacy for mental and physical health highlight her enduring commitment to service. Through her work, Dr. Mariano continues to inspire and guide others, showing that even in the face of profound loss, it is possible to find strength and purpose.

By focusing on these themes, Dr. Mariano not only honors her past experiences but also provides a roadmap for others to follow, ensuring that no one has to navigate the challenges of widowhood alone.

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