Psychedelic Medicine and Brain Health: Lynn Marie Morski

How can psychedelics help us heal? Can psychedelics be used for brain health and neuroplasticity? What is the right setting for taking psychedelics? Who should you be with? What are the clinical applications of psychedelics? What is a “challenging psychedelic trip”? What is microdosing? What sort of person should not do psychedelics? 

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Lynn Marie Morski is a Mayo Clinic-trained physician, attorney, and former adjunct law professor. Dr. Morski spent nine years as a physician at the Veterans Administration. She now spreads the word about psychedelic science and healing and is the president of the Psychedelic Medicine Association. 

Lynn Marie Morski joins us to discuss psychedelics. She shares how psychedelics are being used for neuroplasticity, PTSD, trauma, depression, and more. She also shares the current legalization and decriminalization status for psychedelics. 

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. If you are interested in psychedelics, go to a trained professional (not Burning Man). 

“Psychedelics generally amplify whatever emotion you’re having. So instead of being able to go in and do deep work, if you’re already anxious it might just make you more anxious.” 

“There’s a number of things that psychedelics do but increasing neuroplasticity definitely does help because you’re changing the way that your brain functions.” 

“Right now, mental health conditions with trauma at their core and physical conditions that have relation to neurology are probably the two most promising areas.” 

“Psychedelics increase connectivity and they reset the default mode network.” 

“Step one: don’t take drugs from strangers.” 

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Connect with Lynn Marie Morski:
Psychedelic Medical Association Website
Psychedelic Medicine Podcast

Resources referenced:
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