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My 9 Month Fitness Transformation: Susan Guidi

In 9 months, at 63 years old, Susan Guidi went from being 181 pounds to 138 lbs and found herself with a new sense of confidence and self-love. She shares with us exactly how she did it from her exercise routine to her diet plan to her support system.

Is it too late to get healthy? How can someone take control of their physical and mental health no matter what age? What importance does community play in going through a complete life transformation? How do the thoughts in our heads manifest into reality? What is Susan’s healthy routine? Can women lift weights and not get bulky? 

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In 2019, Susan Guidi was not putting herself first. She wasn’t taking care of herself physically, she wasn’t mindful about what she was eating, and she wasn’t thinking kind thoughts about herself. Now, Susan is a 64-year-old grandmother who is leg pressing 305 pounds. Beyond her impressive physical transformation, Susan has gained newfound confidence, motivation, and a palpable excitement for life. She wakes up grateful everyday and deeply believes that her possibilities are infinite. She hit the reset button on her life in her 60s and now she inspires other women, shows up for her loved ones in a new way, and, most importantly, shows up for herself. She did it with “no pills, no crazy cosmetic procedures, just determination, grit, and mindset!” 

Workout and Diet Routine

To give you an idea of where Susan started and what she is up to now, check out her workout and diet routine below.
Starting weight: 181 pounds at 5’5″
Lowest weight: 136 pounds
Maintained weight: 138 pounds
Her deficit macros for workout days were: 165g protein (P), 150g carbs (C), 45g fat (F)
Non-workout day deficit macros were: 165g P, 75g C, 50g F
Initial workout routine: Weight train 5x/week, Cardio 7x/week
Susan is currently in a “reverse” diet and exercise routine to build muscle
Muscle-building phase macros for workout days: 175g P, 135g C, 40g F
Non workout day macros for muscle building phase: 175g P, 90g C, 45g F
Muscle building phase workout routine: Cardio has been reduced to 20 mins a day 5x/week, weight training has been increased to 75-80 mins a day 5x/week 

Example week of workouts during Susan’s muscle-building phase:
Monday – calves, quads, light hamstrings
Tuesday – chest, delts, light triceps
Wednesday – back, glutes, calves
Thursday- rest day (maybe some ab training)
Friday – hamstrings and glutes
Saturday – shoulders and arms
Sunday – rest day (maybe some ab training)
20 mins of cardio 5 days a week
Work on pull-ups and that is 5x/week

“Life is hard, so choose your hard.” 

“I want to be vital for my grandbabies. I want them to say, ’This is my grandma, look what she can do! Can your grandma do that?’ ” 

“How would you treat a baby? You would nurture them, love them, and feed them the most delicious things so they would be healthy. So I incorporated all of those things towards myself.” 

“The cool thing is, once you love yourself, it’s so much easier to love other people.” 

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Connect with Susan Guidi:
Instagram: @kikimousegetsfit

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


  1. I am 75 years old and heavier now than I have ever been in my entire life. My numbers are good “except” for cholesterol; the doctor and I have a discussion every year after my annual physical, they push/encourage a statin to lower the number. I actually did try the prescription method once, but had side affects which I do not want to experience again.
    My clothes don’t fit, I am tired and crave certain foods (sweets) that are not healthy. I am hoping that by joining the AGEIST Movement I can lose weight, reduce the unhealthy number, increase my energy and feel better.
    Thank you for allowing me to join your movement.


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