My Quest for the Optimized Human Body: Bryan Johnson

How is Bryan Johnson changing the field of longevity through his health optimization protocol? What is Project Blueprint? What are the self-destructive behaviors that have become normalized in society? What are the simple health practices that everyone should implement in their life? What are some of the skincare protocols that Bryan incorporates? 

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Bryan Johnson is the world’s most measured human. Johnson sold his company, Braintree Venmo, to PayPal for $800m in 2013. Since then, he’s been investing millions to slow and reverse his aging. In 2021, he set a World Record by reducing his epigenetic age by 5.1 years in 7 months. Johnson publicly blogs, sharing at no cost his protocols, data and learnings for others to implement and improve upon. His program Project Blueprint is an endeavor to help people take better care of themselves. 

Bryan Johnson discusses how he went from physically unwell to where he is today, aging slower than a 10-year-old, his current protocol and Project Blueprint, our normalized destructive behaviors, how he “fired” himself for the sake of his health, his skin health routine, the future of technology, and more. 

“Wouldn’t it be possible for you and I to have an imagination of ourselves if we said, ‘Okay, David, what are you and I in 20 years?’ What if we could assume better instead of inevitable decay? How would that change the way we approach life, work with each other, deal with each other? What effect would it have on humanity?” 

“Could I build an algorithm that would take better care of me than I could myself and could we attach ourselves to the progress curves of technology and science so that you and I can say, ‘What do you and I look like in 20 years? We don’t know, but better.’ ” 

“It’s reasonable to think that the things we’re doing like prioritizing sleep, eating vegetables, limiting caloric intake, are things that other humans will do well with.” 

“How many times in the past week have we eaten too much food, the wrong kind of food, have we not prioritized seep, have we drank too much, smoked, or whatever your vices are, just in the past week. Do an accounting of that and say, ‘What is my load of self-destructive behaviors?’ That to me is the most significant opportunity for improvement.” 

“I just want an algorithm to take care of my health and wellness. I know my own mind; if I give my own mind the smallest opportunity to make a decision, it’s going to make the wrong decision every single time. I just cannot trust myself; I know this.” 

“Talent is the ability to hit the target no one else can. Genius is the ability to hit the target no one else can see.”

“The difference between hope and despair is a good night’s sleep. When I have a good night’s sleep, everything feels possible. When I have a discouraging night’s sleep, everything feels challenging.” 

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  1. One of the most interesting and informative podcasts related to aging that I have heard in a while. I like Bryan’s positive and hopeful attitude.

    I am envious of Bryan’s financial resources that affords him the time and budget to have access to the range of testing and protocols that he does. Though he does come back to sleep, diet and exercise as the three protocols with the highest powers. I would like to understand how Bryan has conquered sleep as he put it. As soon as I think I have sleep figured out I have a weird night and start readjusting the parameters.

    Not everyone, including Peter Attia, is sold on the current usefulness of biomarkers. I suspect that some of them will prove to be quite predictive and others not so helpful, but when you can afford to do them all then you are hedging your bets. There is no doubt that a biomarker such as inflammation is highly predictive. I have been keeping blood and DEXA records for over twenty years and this is very useful to see my trends.

    I am looking for the leveraged approach to my investment in health and longevity. What is the right amount of current time and money that should be used for a future that might not come for a variety of reasons. Somehow I feel that 5% or 10% deferred gratification seems like the right ratio for me.


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