Ketamine for Depression, PTSD, & Anxiety: Dr. Rachel Allen

“It’s like shaking the snow globe; the old patterns are broken and new, better ones are made.” How can ketamine help treat depression, PTSD, and anxiety? What about self-explorers, people who just want to learn more about themselves? What is happening in the brain during the treatment? Who should not do ketamine? What does someone experience while doing ketamine? How many treatments does one typically need? What does the future of ketamine therapy look like? What are the risks?

Dr. Rachel Allen joins us on the SuperAge podcast to explain ketamine therapy for the treatment of depression, PTSD, & anxiety. Dr. Allen is a double board-certified anesthesiologist and chronic pain specialist. She has been practicing in the field of anesthesia and pain management for over 9 years and with her husband has opened Satori Health and Wellness in St. George, Utah where they specialize in healing their patients through ketamine treatments. 

What you will learn in this episode:
– What ketamine treatment is
– Who can benefit from ketamine treatments and who should not do them
– Dr. Allen’s ketamine protocol
– What Dr. Allen’s patients experience during treatment
– What other lifestyle habits one should adopt while in treatment

00:00:00 Welcome to the SuperAge Podcast
00:00:30 Update on David’s diet
00:02:15 Call into the podcast at +1 801-871-5291
00:03:06 About the AGEIST newsletter
00:05:28 Introducing Dr. Rachel Allen
00:06:23 How did Dr. Allen go from being an anesthesiologist to opening a ketamine clinic?
00:08:56 Dr. Allen’s first ketamine patient story
00:11:33 The physiology of ketamine treatment
00:14:58 What ketamine can treat & Dr. Allen’s protocol
00:24:24 Is ketamine legal?
00:26:18 Ketamine and float tanks
00:34:58 Ketamine & ego death
00:37:35 The lasting effect of ketamine treatment
00:38:44 The future of ketamine treatment
00:44:32 What to do if you want to try ketamine treatments
00:47:38 The risks of ketamine treatment
00:51:41 Post-treatment protocol

“Whether you have depression, anxiety, trauma, or self-exploration, it is one of the top most meaningful experiences that they will have.” 

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