Inflam-Aging: Matt Yousefzadeh, PhD

What is senescence? What about autophagy? What role does caloric restriction play in senescent cells? How does rapamycin impact vaccine efficacy? What do we need to know about fisetin and quercetin? What is the #1 thing that we should avoid to protect our DNA? 

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Matt Yousefzadeh, PhD is an instructor and researcher at Columbia University and specializes in aging, cancer, DNA repair, immunology, senescence, and more. He joins us to discuss inflam-aging, senescence, the impact of rapamycin on vaccine efficacy, the #1 thing we should avoid to protect our DNA, and more. 

“We’re losing our ability to respond to new challenges as we progress through time.” 

“When they gave the elderly a version of rapamycin and then gave them an annual influenza vaccination, they made 20% more antibodies against influenza, and the immune cells or T cells showed reduced markers of exhaustion.” 

“If you take old mice, the equivalent of an elderly individual, and then put them on fisetin, just supplemented in the chow, it made them live a little bit longer but it also reduced their senescent cell burden and many markers of pathology in their tissues, or improved some of their physiological function.” 

“As our bodies age, all our tissues are aging at different times and different rates.”

“By and large, the things that we can affect in our everyday life are things like diet and exercise. We also know, too, that chronic stress has been shown to shorten life, social stress has been shown to shorten the lifespan of mice. We even see that social stress can have an impact on our immune function.” 

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American Aging Association
The Gerontological Society of America 

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