Improved Brain Function From Movement and Functional Neurology: Dr. David Hardy

What is functional neurology and who can benefit from it? Can functional neurology make you smarter? What does Dr. Hardy test for to determine the health of the brain? What is the relationship between moving and thinking? How can you address age-related cognitive decline with functional neurology? What is the process of cognitive decline? How does posture connect to the brain? 

Dr. David Hardy, functional neurologist, uses several techniques that specifically stimulate neuronal receptors, nerves, pathways, and circuits to improve an individual’s own neuroplasticity. Through his work, he enhances his patients’ brains and nervous systems. He shares what functional neurology is, how it can be used to enhance performance, brain health, and more. 

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“We’ve got all these weak or strong areas of our brain that we can hone in on and make changes and make improvements to improve our lives, performance, and how smart we are.” 

“The thing with cognition, especially as we age, is we become really good at one aspect. So we can appear smart because we’re always rehearsed but the rest of the ship might be starting to leak and eventually it’s going to lead to a decline in our cognitive thoughts as well.” 

“Our nervous system is there to regulate our own body against the outside world and to move around, read, and react.” 

“If you’re in the stress posture, what are your head and neck like? They’re going forward and you have all of this tension through those muscles. All of that is sending signals up to the brain and then that signal fires into our feelings center and then we are annoyed, sore, stiff, and will probably snap at people a lot easier.” 

“Anything new is going to stimulate the brain in a more impactful way. This is also a way to measure decline as we age. How able are we to actually learn new tasks?” 

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