How We Hear and How to Improve Hearing: Dr. Cliff Olson 

Dr. Cliff Olson is an Audiologist, founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona, and former Marine. Dr. Olson has devoted his entire career to treating individuals with hearing loss to get them their communication back and potentially stave off the negative consequence of cognitive decline. Dr. Olson shares everything we need to know about hearing loss from how it’s caused, the connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline, how to approach hearing aids, and more. 

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What are the different types of hearing loss? How can we prevent and treat hearing loss? What is the difference between an audiologist, ENT, otologist? What is the impact of today’s earbuds and headphones? What is the connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline? What are cochlear implants? What is tinnitus? 

“Hearing loss really is a silent epidemic because once you start losing your hearing you don’t really know what you’re missing.”

“If you’re someone who is 65 years old and you have not had an actual, legitimate baseline hearing test by an audiologist, you need to find an audiologist in your area and schedule a baseline test whether you think you have hearing loss or not.” 

“It only takes as little as 3 months with mild level hearing loss for your brain to start changing the way that it processes information.” 

“If you have mild level hearing loss you are 2x more likely to develop dementia. If you have moderate hearing loss you are 3x more likely and if you have severe hearing loss you are 5x more likely to develop dementia.” 

“Hearing loss is the leading potentially modifiable risk factor for dementia later in life and it accounts for 9% of your overall risk of developing dementia.” 

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  1. This is rich. What seems to be a terrific discussion of hearing loss is on a podcast. For those of us who are hearing impaired, podcasts are a nightmare!

    Can you please find a way to communicate this ‘visually’? I’m sure Dr. Olson would agree.


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