How to Take Care of Your Mind: Dr. Richard Davidson

Is our mind our brain? How does meditation help us inspect our minds? What is the connection between anxiety and meditation? What is the connection between our mind and addiction? How can we measure our wellbeing? 

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Richard J. Davidson, PhD is a Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, Founder and Director of the Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the Founder and Chief Visionary for Healthy Minds Innovations, Inc. 

Dr. Davidson explores what our minds are, how types of meditation help us inspect our minds, his relationship with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, how we can measure wellbeing, and more. 

“Beliefs about ourselves, the world, and our expectations literally shape our experience in the world.” 

“I often say that meditation is like sports. There are many, many, many varieties and they each will have differing effects.” 

“Thinking is what human minds and brains do. We’re very well equipped to think. The goal of meditation is not to stop thinking, the goal is to stop getting lost.” 

“We can’t transform our mind unless we know what our minds are actually doing.” 

“When you begin to actually open up the black box of our mind, begin to inspect it and interrogate it, it could be terrifying to see what’s there because it’s so chaotic for many people.” 

“One of the things that distinguish humans from other species is that we have the capacity to engage in mental time travel. We can reflect on the past and we can anticipate the future.” 

“Human beings are born to flourish. We have all of the capabilities to lead a happy, meaningful, and engaged life. We come into the world with those capacities but they need to be nourished in order for them to be expressed.” 

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