How the Body Changes During Menopause and What You Can Do About It: Anissa Buckley

What are the stages of perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause? How does a woman’s body change during menopause? What role does diet play? How much protein, carbohydrates, and fat should women eat? What is the benefit of HIIT and strength training for women? How does a woman’s metabolism change in menopause? 

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Anissa Buckley is a champion of life. She holds an MBA and a BS from Cornell University, an Integrative Health Coaching certification from Duke Integrative Medicine, a holistic nutrition counseling certification (CHHC) from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a personal training certification (CPT) from The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Now, she is the founder and CEO of b-untethered, a personalized menopause diet and fitness lifestyle solution. 

Anissa shares her journey of being rocked by the physical and emotional changes that perimenopause and menopause brought, how she took agency over her own health during and post menopause, and her mission to help other women do the same. 

“When I was 45, I was in perimenopause which is really the most critical time for a woman because that’s when a lot of things can happen to your hormones. Your estrogen levels can just start rollercoastering and your progesterone, which balances out or offsets estrogen, can stay flat and you can imagine that that can really cause havoc.” 

“I really wanted to understand what we could do as women with our lifestyle — not medications, but more about how we could change our lifestyle to help us mitigate some of these impacts that we see.”

“When women hit menopause, they lose the ability to utilize carbs the same way.”

“Lifestyle can control for about 80% of chronic conditions. The CDC says that. That’s not just you and me making up statistics.” 

“It’s not necessarily an easy thing to make a life shift but it’s baby steps. You don’t have to be perfect on day 1. You just have to start making some changes and you’ll start to feel better and then you’ll want to make more changes. It’s that simple.”

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Look out for Anissa’s book Midlife: Turning Crisis Into Quest coming out in October.


  1. I have been taking bio identical hormones since peri menopause and feel fabulous. Unfortunately it is not widely known or prescribed. I am fortunate to be able to pay for a functional medicine MD


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