How Increased Lifespan Impacts Our Financial Planning: Fanci Worthington

With extended lifespans, how much money do we need to be comfortable for the rest of our lives? How can we plan and set ourselves up financially? How is retirement changing? What is an annuity? How is the approach to finances different for men and women? What do we need to know about IRAs? What about taxes? What is the benefit of having a financial advisor? How does one go about finding a financial advisor? 

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Fanci Worthington is a certified financial planner and accredited investment fiduciary with 27 years of experience. Fanci joins us to discuss what we need to do to set ourselves up for success when it comes to our finances, how increased life expectancy is impacting our finances, what an annuity is, how to find the right financial advisor, and more. 

“Now the biggest threat to portfolios is living too long.” 

“There’s a theory that the average age of someone born in 2020 could very likely be 120.” 

“I’m turning 50 this year and my thought process of turning 50 is that I’m starting a farm. My friends that are older, when they were turning 50 they were talking about slowing down and I’m adding to. I’m adding to my physical labor, I’m adding to my mentality. It’s a totally different mentality than, say, my parents.” 

“Financial issues are a major cause for divorce.” 

“Money can be an emotional discussion and something that people are afraid to talk about with each other because they don’t want to get in a fight.” 

“A very valuable piece of living longer is removing stress. Take your stress away. And if your stress is about money, or family dynamics, or who’s going to inherit what, and those types of things, let somebody help you. It’s so much easier.” 

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Connect with Fanci:
Email: Fanci.Worthington@ceterais.com

Disclaimer: Fanci Worthington is a Financial Advisor offering securities and insurance products offered through Cetera Investment Services LLC, member FINRA, SIPC. Advisory services are offered through CeteraInvestment Advisers LLC. Fanci’s Branch Office is located at 5200 77 Center Drive, Suite 330, Charlotte, NC 28217. Branch phone number 704-717-8900.

The views depicted in this material are for information purposes only and are not necessarily those of Cetera Investment Advisers. They should not be considered specific advice or recommendations for any individuals. Neither Cetera Investment Advisers nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.


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