Everything You Need to Know About CBD: Chris Hetherington

What things aid in recovery? What are the benefits of CBD? What are the issues with how some brands produce CBD? What are the different ways to implement CBD into our routine? What is the most bioavailable way to take CBD? Will CBD get you high? Can someone who is sober take CBD? 

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Chris Hetherington received his undergraduate degree from Yale and had an 11-year NFL career. Now, he is the founder and CEO of Peels, a citrus-derived, THC- and pesticide-free CBD. He joins us on the SuperAge podcast to break down what CBD can be used for, some things to avoid when choosing a brand, how to promote recovery, and more. 

00:00:00 Welcome to the podcast
00:00:36 SuperAge Mastermind Seminar update
00:02:09 About today’s guest, Chris Hetherington
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00:06:48 Welcome to our guest, Chris Hetherington
00:07:08 Chris’ background
00:09:02 Workout recovery
00:14:15 Chris’ recovery routine
00:16:17 About Chris’ CBD company, Peels
00:20:01 How does CBD work?
00:23:42 The different ways to take CBD
00:27:08 CBD and sleep
00:30:21 Optimal CBD dosage
00:42:13 Chris’ mom’s experience with CBD
00:44:43 The dangers of misleading information from CBD brands
00:52:57 David’s closing thoughts on CBD

“Recovery is big. People think you need to work out to maximize performance but recovery has become as big in the equation as strength and conditioning and nutrition.” 

“I’m the crazy guy that wakes up at 5 am every day and does cold therapy, hot therapy, meditation, workout… I’m very disciplined with my health and nutrition.” 

“I still train and take care of my body like I’m a pro athlete and I think most people should be doing that.” 

“You have to make decisions on an everyday basis and hopefully you make a lot more good decisions than bad and still enjoy life at the same time.” 

“My mom thought she was going to get high from rubbing CBD on her knee, which is just not the case.” 

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