Effective New Techniques of Health Optimization: Dr. Scott Sherr

Why should we add salt to our water? Is tap water okay to drink? What about plastic bottled water? What is red light therapy and what is the benefit? What does creatine do for us? Could nicotine be used to promote better cognitive health? Methylene blue as a supplement? What is PEMF? What are the benefits of short-term cold exposure? What is the difference between traditional saunas and infrared saunas? Nicotine has a good side? 

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Dr. Scott Sherr, physician, joins us on the SuperAge podcast to share everything we need to know about hydration, red light therapy, nicotine, PEMF, sauna, cold exposure, and more. He is passionate about health optimization and longevity through these wellness modalities and shares his knowledge with David.

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00:01:11 David’s update
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00:08:42 Welcome to our guest, Dr. Scott Sherr
00:09:38 What does Dr. Sherr do for his clients who want to be healthier?
00:14:15 The importance of hydration
00:17:39 Red light therapy. Near Infrared & Far Infrared
00:26:52 Methylene blue
00:29:49 Creatine
00:32:48 Nicotine
00:37:46 PEMF (Post Electromagnetic Field Technology)
00:39:52 Cold exposure
00:50:46 Sauna. The difference between traditional saunas & infrared saunas
00:57:29 Dr. Scott’s final advice on getting healthy

“The bad news is that if you live now in the world, your gut is going to be screwed up in some way.” 

“Salt in water allows that water to get absorbed through your intestinal lumen, through your GI tract into your body. Without salt, some water gets absorbed but a lot of it doesn’t.” 

“Your brain takes up 20% of your oxygen at all times so it’s a hugely metabolic organ.” 

“If you’ve been cognitively on all day and then you go directly to work out at the gym, that’s a huge stress on your body.” 

“After you come out of the cold, you get this reflex vasodilation, you get all this new blood going to your periphery. As a result of that, you feel and get this blood flow to your tissues that you may not have been getting before, especially areas that had been inflamed, areas that have been injured, areas that have been hurting, like joints.” 

“The fantastic thing about cold is that it’s a fantastic way to train your fear response because the first 30 seconds you feel like you’re going to die. Your body is doing everything it possibly can to tell you to get the F out of the water or out of the cold. But if you can go past that, and you can, that’s when your body gets to this blissful state of peace.” 

“For people who can’t exercise because they have arthritis or they have other joint or mobility issues, you can use a high-heat sauna and see significant benefit in that capacity.” 

“High-heat sauna is exercise; infrared is more recovery.”

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