Creating Personalized Nutrition to End the Diseases of Aging: Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain joins us on the podcast to discuss how he is disrupting the health and supplement industry by taking a highly personalized approach, the importance of our gut health on our genes, understanding our DNA and genes, what his vision of our future health is, and more. David also shares his experience using Naveen’s company, Viome, to better understand the foods he should stay away from and the foods he should eat more of for better gut health.

How can we reframe the way we think of health and illness? What is the role of our gut microbiome in our health? How is Naveen Jain disrupting the health and medical field? What are upcoming projects that Naveen is working on with his company Viome? 

00:00:00 Welcome to the SuperAge podcast
00:01:00 David life and wellness update
00:03:45 Call in to the podcast: (801) 871-5291
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00:05:45 Welcome to our guest, Naveen Jain
00:06:30 About Naveen’s company, Viome
00:08:07 The importance of our gut microbiome
00:16:00 DNA and gene expression
00:18:00 Biological age vs chronological age
00:21:30 How Viome tests
00:23:50 How Viome recommends supplements
00:27:00 How Viome is detecting throat or oral cancer
00:31:04 Why Naveen started Viome
00:32:55 Upcoming Viome tests
00:46:15 Audience call in 

“Just like you tune your car once a year, you’ve got to tune your body at least a couple of times a year or your body will give you the signal that something is not right.” 

“We have come to the belief that as we get old, there are certain diseases that just happen. There are whales that live to be 400-500 years old. They are mammals. There’s nothing in the mammalian architecture that says we must die at an endpoint.”

“My dad at 63? He thought that was old. Me at 63? I’m thinking ‘Holy shit, I’ve barely started!’ ”

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