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Bring Back the Bounce: Fascia and Physiology With Dr. Edythe Heus

Dr Edythe Heus is a breakthrough expert in muscle fascia. She began her career as a chiropractor specializing in kinesiology before her studies of pro athlete performance led her to hone in her focus on fascia. She’s spent a lifetime studying muscles and movement. Dr. Heus is the inventor of Revolution in Motion which is a system of fascia and neuro-based exercises. She is also the author of ProBodX. Her innovative Rev6 training system emphasizes the importance of fascia in achieving optimal physical function, demonstrating impressive results across various age groups and fitness levels. Dr. Heus discusses the transformative effects of her methods, including increased elasticity and mobility, and how these principles can be applied to both high-level athletes and everyday individuals.

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Key Moments

“And this is what happens. Time slows down and you feel oneness with all of it. I know people look for that in their meditations and that’s really cool. I would love to get it every time I’m moving and exercising and Rev6 helps keep people in that micro flow state.”

The movements are the result of the design of our body. The exercises are all full body and take into consideration things like the small muscles, which is really contribute to your core. I referred to the small muscles like your lower abs, the muscles of your spine deep in your hip rotators, even your your pelvic floor, your hands and your feet.

The fascia is really the connector between the nerve and the muscle, and the fascia is so interconnected that every cell is surrounded by fascia, it happens so quickly and it’s so dynamic and it’s so malleable, so fast.

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Full Transcript

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  1. Super-vaxer….are you kidding me? There is so much information on the detrimental effects of vaccines across the board. Do your research before you tell people to vax themselves.


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