Brain Health and Mood: The Importance of the Right Omega-3s: Corinna Bellizzi 

What are omega-3s? Why are they so important to our health? How can you know if you are deficient? Where can you get omega-3s? What is a polar lipid? What role do algae play in omegas? What is the risk of oxidation? What’s the difference between algae-based omegas and fish-based omegas? What are the sustainability implications of omega-3s? 

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Corinna Bellizzi MBA is a natural products industry executive and omega-3 expert. Given her concern for the future health of people and the planet, Corinna shifted her omega-3 career from a focus on fish to algae in 2016. She shares why omega-3s are so important for our health, the difference between fish-based omegas and algae-based omegas, how to get an adequate amount into our diet, and more. 

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00:17:01 What are omegas?
00:23:37 Omegas and brain health
00:27:30 How much omega-3s should we consume?
00:33:20 The risk of toxicity from taking fish-based omega-3s
00:36:04 Polar lipids
00:30:51 Algae-based omega-3 options
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00:53:10 Sustainability
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“Omega-3s are ultimately a health-contributing fat that helps your body return to its homeostasis. They need to be in balance with omega-6s because if they aren’t, you’ll have inflammatory systems that run out of control.” 

“Try to avoid all the trans fats, limit your saturated fats, and you’ll be a lot more healthy than the run-of-the-mill person.” 

“Generally speaking, if you haven’t taken an omega-3 supplement, you are likely deficient.”  

“EPA and DHA — these powerful omega-3s are so involved with our brain health, they’re so involved with our emotional health, also. So there are claims you can make around EPA with regard to impacting mood health.” 

“Too much of almost anything can be a bad thing. So be reasonable and be balanced.” 

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