An Integrative Approach to Cancer Prevention & Treatment: Dr. Donald Abrams

What is the link between weight and cancer? What should we eat and not eat to prevent cancer risk? What do we need to know about cannabis? What about alcohol consumption? 

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Dr. Donald Abrams, Professor Emeritus of Medicine at UCSF, is an integrative oncologist with 39 years of experience. He works with people living with and beyond cancer and has a focus on nutrition, physical exercise, stress reduction, and lifestyle changes. 

Dr. Abrams joins us to discuss the link between obesity and cancer, how sugar impacts cancer, the health risks of dairy and meat, what to know about alcohol consumption and cannabis, what to eat to reduce the risk of cancer, and more. 

“The number one cause of both morbidity and mortality are dietary issues which have surpassed high blood pressure and smoking and does not include high body mass index or obesity. What we eat is really critical.” 

“Somewhere between 10-40% of all cancer is related to overweight or obesity and, since ⅔ of the American public is now overweight or obese, it’s a big problem.” 

“We now believe that inflammation is a leading cause of many of the degenerative diseases of aging: dementia, heart disease, and cancer, particularly.” 

“Cancer needs sugar to grow.” 

“We believe that 6% of all cancer is now related to alcohol consumption and the leading cause of death from alcohol in people over the age of 50 is now cancer.” 

“I believe the diet should be organic, plant-based, antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, real, and whole foods.” 

“If we’re going to let food be our medicine and medicine be our food, organic is more potent than conventional.” 

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