The Michael Fassbender Haircut

What does a proper men's haircut look like at our age?

Let’s talk about men’s hairstyles. What does a proper haircut look like at our age? There are some obvious no-gos, the comb-over being top of that grouping. But we’ll assume you are a reasonably sentient guy and understand that owning who you are is empowering. Let’s also assume that you have a healthy head of hair to work with. How should you look?

Maybe you have left your corporate job and are feeling frisky and free. Maybe you think the best thing for you is to grow your hair long. Probably not. There are some special people who can do this quite well: Richard Branson, Neil Young, and the local biker gang. You may be one of these exceptional people, but chances are you are not, and you may end up looking like The Dude.

We men seem to enter this second adolescence of style confusion when we get into our 50s. How am I supposed to look? What should I wear? This is often accompanied by a strange dysmorphia that says the thing to do is pick up a bit on our 18 y/o selves in terms of style. This is a fail. You could end up looking like a large aged child. I fall into this trap occasionally, when I see the uber-cool kids shopping at Opening Ceremony or Dover Street Market buying their awesome patterned hoodies. Maybe I should get one, maybe I will be cool like them? No. I will look idiotic, and be substantially poorer.

The ticket to style at our age is to be modern and be age-appropriate. For haircuts, if your hair is thinning, or like mine, almost gone, just shave it or cut it 000 short. Do it yourself with an Oster clipper (mine is 20 years old and going strong), or have a barber do it.

But if you are one of those lucky guys who have a nice healthy head of hair, get it cut, keep it neat. There is a cut among barbers known as the Michael Fassbender, which is essentially a slightly longer crew cut. It will look strong, modern and cool on pretty much anyone. The high fades of the last decade seem to be, well, fading away, in favor of this more polished and less military look. Who doesn’t want to look like Michael Fassbender?


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