SOS: Golden Goose Sneakers Have Hit Our People

Golden Goose sneakers are comfortable, playful and chic and, with athleisure ruling the day, well worth the steep price.

Golden Goose has officially reached our gang of over-50s. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s not a goose that’s golden; it’s even crazier. Golden Goose is a brand selling high-end sneakers, clothing, boots, bags, and accessories. For one of their normal sneakers, you’ll be out $500-$650. 

Most of us probably wouldn’t be too bent out of shape about spending $600 on a pair of nice boots or loafers for work. But sneakers?! Aren’t they supposed to be like $80? Handing over $600 for sneakers is totally frivolous, we know, but hear us out. Post-Covid, athleisure rules the day. Sneakers aren’t just for running or wearing to the gym. Sneakers are for work, for brunch, for errands, for every day. So maybe that helps justify the steep price. Also, we are of the mindset that if you like something and it brings you joy, why not splurge a little? Don’t send yourself into debt, but don’t be so tight fisted that you don’t have any fun. 

What makes Golden Goose special to us is the playful vibe each shoe has. Color, glitter, pre-scuffed, leopard print, stars… they’re very “cool high-school kid revamping a pair of boring sneakers.” Each pair seems to have its own personality, and the pair that you choose gives the world a little insight into who you might be. We also like that these sneakers already have that worn-in look, so no matter how long you have them or how beat up they get, they still look how they were intended to look.

“I was never a Chuck Taylor girl, but love my canvas leopard green Golden Goose high tops,” says Sheri Radel Rosenberg, our style editor. “They are chicly distressed and comfy and are less clowny on me than the Converse version. They are admittedly everywhere now in New York, but they do have a good look and as someone who went all in on those Isabel Marant platform sneakers, I do love a covetable pair of kicks.”

Golden Goose does have pairs that are more subtle. Take these, for example. They have that classic Golden Goose look without being too out there. 

Not ready to splurge but want a similar, fun sneaker? P448 makes sneakers that are slightly more affordable and still very playful.


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