James Bond-Inspired Winter Style

The latest Bond film will be released this winter and it has us thinking about Mr. Bond's winter style for the coming chilly season. We had our men's stylist Amy Keller make some recommendations for us...

The next Bond movie will hopefully be out in January, and with winter coming we thought this would be a good moment to take a bit of chilly-weather sartorial inspiration from Mr. Bond. To help us in our 007-inspired snowy attire, we went to our main source for men’s style shopping, Amy Keller. 

First off, we need a proper knit cap, navy or black. I prefer the ones at your local army navy store or you can pop by J. Crew online as well. And then there’s always something soft and fancy and cozy in a cashmere like this one from Anderson & Sheppard that we found on Mr Porter. 

If you are feeling it,  you could really just shop the whole look off of the Mr. Porter website. It’s sick and dialed in and it’s one stop shopping. Having them around eases the pain in my heart slightly caused at the closing of Barneys. SOOOOOOO bummed about Barneys; it was my Mecca.

Next up we need a white woven button down. I love these from the good old standby that is Brooks Brothers. Here’s a cotton pique style on sale for $68 I like. I love pique because I love the texture and detail in the fabric. It has a nice hand about it, too.

I also am loving Sid Mashburn and their woven shirts. And the sweaters! And everything there, really; great men’s clothes. Check out this cashmere turtleneck in charcoal gray. They also have some wonderful outerwear pieces.

If you want to see some great styling inspiration, check out men’s outerwear at one of my other favorite men’s brands, Gant. Sure, the advertising is styled for the younger fashion bros but the design is a very oh-so-English-Mr. Bond vibe that I love. 

For a slick sweater this is a winner from Tom Ford via Mr Porter.

And for something less slick and more New England iconic, here’s one from LL Bean. Pick up the Bean Boots while there!

And we mustn’t forget the watch! I know he wears an Omega 300, but I really prefer a classic men’s Rolex Submariner. Sexier. 🙂 just sayin’…

For jeans, I would go w/ either a black denim from Acne like these classics. Or APC for a dark denim wash (you don’t have to look exactly like the character in the movie; after all, that’s why I am here!). Of course check out classic Levi’s as they have a standard black 501 or 511 in good wash & cut every season.

For gloves, again a good knit version from the army navy or Ralph Lauren or maybe even Patagonia, too.

For boots I am a fan of Blundstone; I just got a pair myself. Go with the classic 500 or 550.  Or go wild and elevate with a pair from Alden boots, or Paraboot. Loving these from Todd Snyder.

Or, if you really want to go wild and spendy, check out Tom Ford or even YSL boots. 

Amy Keller is available for by-the-hour help to the style challenged and the loved ones of the style challenged. In need? Contact her: amykeller47@me.com



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