In Praise of Jumpsuits- An Alternative to Sweat Pants?

There is something so incredibly boss about wearing a jumpsuit. Our tribe shows how it's done.

Is there an alternative to sweat pants for an around the house comfort outfit? Maybe it was streaming Quentin Tarantino’s flick “Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood” and its glorification of the late ’60s music and culture the other night.  Maybe it is an endless stream of Marvel mayhem movies, or perhaps it’s just the current no-BS mood the world seems to be in. For whatever reason, we are seeing a lot of jumpsuits these days and liking it. It would seem to be a nice alternative to the plush joggers we all seem to have worn way too often. This humble worker’s onesie uniform says “I get stuff done, don’t mess with me” in a way that we find terribly attractive. 

Amelia Backman. So chic!

We are seeing them everywhere. Our friend and AGEIST profile Amelia Backman 60, is a big fan. How great does this look? Why wear a sloppy athleisure get up when you can look as cool as this, and be just as comfy? There is also no reason to splash out a wad of cash on these either. The second shops are filled with them. Go for the vintage flight suits that you can upcycle.  That is what Maurizio Donadi would say.

Angie Weihs goes full Tarantino on her @theagelessrebellion feed.

Then we saw another of our friends, Angie Weihs, rocking a couple of them on her feed. Lipstick and jumpsuits — love!

We think this is fabulous. There is something so incredibly boss about wearing one of these. We think the key is picking the right shoe. Sure, one can go full Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 and do a combat boot, but unless one has the sass of a Lauren Hutton, it’s hard to pull that off and not look like you are wearing a military costume. The thing about these, versus the endless sweats look, is that while the plush sweats may say comfort, they don’t give off the I’m-A _Baddass-In-My-House vibe that these do. 

Maurizio Donadi, TRANSNOMADICA

The better route is to either go with something casual, like Amelia is doing above, or to channel your inner Carine Roitfeld and go for a more aggressive shoe, although not many people this side of being an editor of French Vogue can pull that off, or even want to pad around in heels all day. Maybe our pal Cindy Gallop, but this almost seems too casual for her.  We think a classic Stan Smith type, or Common Projects shoe would be perfect.

There was a time in the early ’70s when jumpsuits came in all colors and patterns, from the skin-tight skater variety to the baggy Woodstock flavor. Not to be confused with overalls, which we have never been able to get our minds around as being sexy. Maybe it is our farmland childhood that forever biased us against that one.

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