Let It Be: A Stylish Look at an Iconic Moment in Time

Sure, the Beatles documentary "Get Back" provides great insight into the creative process, but the fabulous fashion is just as thrilling.

The holiday season is officially here, and I spent my Thanksgiving home in Brooklyn. Between napping and shopping online for gifts for my near and dear, I thoroughly enjoyed “The Beatles: Get Back,” the newly and previously unreleased Beatles documentary about the making of “Let it Be”, on Disney Plus. Peter Jackson tirelessly put together many hours of footage, and I loved every second of it.

Real talk: I have always prided myself on being more of a Stones fan than a Beatles fan. To me, the Beatles always felt less edgy and sexy than the Stones, and my love for Keith Richards truly knows not a single bound. But this three-part series exposed the Beatles and their creative process to me in ways that I had never seen. And as a creative individual myself, I loved watching how they wrote, ideated, and created. The big takeaway was that to make something great, you have to have a sense of play. And though many viewers found the hours of riffing and goofing around tedious, I found it inspiring. How can you not love watching them come up with the words to songs like “Get Back,” “Dig a Pony,” and “Let It Be” in real-time? Amazing. PS: they were not even 30 years old. INSANE. Did they seem tired? Yup. But the sessions had many joyful moments mixed with the infamous tension music watchers have described. And that’s what creativity is all about.

“The way the band dressed during the making of ‘Let It Be’ is pretty much how I like to dress all the time”

And as a style watcher, what’s also joyful are the style moments. And the fact that the way the band dressed during the making of “Let It Be” is pretty much how I like to dress all the time. It was glorious to watch. Both my husband and I talked about how cool they looked and how they dressed for the task at hand. Think work clothes for rock and roll posterity.

Of particular note was the role of vests for both Paul and John. Let’s start with Paul. His boyish charm was in full effect, even if it was masked somewhat by a beard and a weariness. Throughout the filming, Paul wore a good deal of suiting, but in a casual way. Think exceptional British tailoring but way more rock and roll. And as menswear vests are having a moment again in my closet, I felt validated. I call Paul’s look a bit of Savile Row meets a sort of outlaw Western vibe. So good.

Moving on to John and his love, Yoko. She was by his side for the entire project. My favorite thing about their style was their minimalist look and head-to-toe monochromatic tendencies. There was a real vibe happening in all black leather (Yoko) or all white with dirty sneakers (John). Bonus points for John’s furry brown coat, worn over all black for the infamous concert on the roof of Abbey Road and borrowed from Yoko.

Also making an appearance on both Paul and John? The humble Henley. Their versions were short or three-quarter sleeve essential and telegraphed how a fundamental piece could be effortlessly cool.

“I will never be without a dramatic faux fur coat, nor a flared trouser or mannish hat”

Next up, George, who is, incidentally, my favorite Beatle. George’s fuzzy coats resonated with me because every winter I wear them, and though previously I was channeling John Snow from Game of Thrones, I will now pay homage to George Harrison. There’s a scene where he’s getting out of a vintage Mercedes, in that coat, a slouchy hat, and some flared trousers that set my fashion heart racing. That look is quintessentially one of my favorites. I will never be without a dramatic faux fur coat, nor a flared trouser or mannish hat. Iconic. Also, that electric purple shirt with striped trousers and Chucks is so so good. Oh, and the mukluks. Comfy chic before there was such a thing.

And then there’s Ringo, whose lopsided grin is the stuff of legends. What a lovely and agreeable character. Not to mention his penchant for statement shirts had me smitten. Every one of us needs a shirt that has a confident, colorful vibe. Not to mention his blazers and jeans were always so well-cut. Fabulous.

Special twists and shout-outs to Sir George Martin, whose slicked-back hair and immaculate tailoring were tremendous. And Linda McCartney’s patrician ladylike vibes were gorgeous and classic.  

Rock and Roll Wardrobe Essentials

And to recap, if you are like me and tend to play by a rock and roll playbook when it comes to style, take heed from The Fab Four and put these items on your list:

A well-cut three-piece suit with a flared leg in a dark color or a classic pinstripe.
Head-to-toe minimalist pieces in monochromatic majesty
A fuzzy coat and a jaunty hat
Well cut trousers or jeans
A statement shirt in a perky pattern or bright color
A basic turtleneck or two in a solid color (always good)

Cheers to getting back to style moments and music that are a massive part of our DNA. Don’t miss this intimate look at this significant moment in pop culture history.


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