A curated selection of products with the SuperAge mark of approval, by our editors who use them daily to live their best lives now. We have tried all these products, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about them.


DNAage gives you personalized insights and education, empowering you to age better. You’ll get a lifestyle plan, product recommendations, and a one-on-one consultation with an expert. By taking the test multiple times, you can track the effects of lifestyle changes on your body. Use code “AGEIST20” for 20% off all products.

Use Cel3  if you are looking for extra support in the area of cellular renewal and turnover, if you experience moderate to advanced signs of aging, or as part of a preventative maintenance strategy at any age. Use code “AGEIST20” for 20% off all products. 

Formulated to support energy levels and cellular repair for active individuals and athletes, people experiencing mental and physical tiredness, or to be used as part of a preventative maintenance strategy for healthy aging. Use code “AGEIST20” for 20% off all products. 

Use Celas part of your preventative maintenance strategy for healthy aging, or if you experience environmental and lifestyle-related factors that place stress on your cells.

Stress-inducing factors include UV exposure, pollution and smoking, insufficient or poor-quality sleep, insufficient exercise, poor diet, high cortisol levels (from a stressful home or work environment) and alcohol consumption. Use code “AGEIST20” for 20% off all products. 

Hydration is the key to proper health and you could be underhydrated without even knowing it. LMNT is a tasty electrolyte drink mix that is formulated to help anyone with their electrolyte needs and is perfectly suited to folks following a keto, low-carb, or paleo diet. AGEIST readers get a free 8 serving sample pack with any purchase through our DrinkLMNT.com/AGEIST

Test and get health insights, food recommendations, and supplements
formulated for your microbiome.

Collagen is the building blocks of our body. We take Great Lakes Wellness collagen daily to support the health of our hair, skin, and nails and improve joint health. Simply add it to any liquid and it will dissolve with no after taste. Get yours from the best: Great Lakes Wellness, celebrating 100 years of trusted heritage. 

Algae omega-3 supplement to support your brain, heart, joints and immune system.** Achieve homeostasis in the body with the world’s most sustainable algae omega supplement.

Örlö’s unique polar omega-3 structure provides 3x the absorption of other algae or fish oils and is grown using 100% renewable resources with zero hexanes, zero pesticides, and zero environmental toxins.

The road to a longer, healthier life starts inside. And that’s what InsideTracker is all about. Founded by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometric data, InsideTracker is an ultra-personalized performance platform like no other. Ageist readers get 20% off the entire InsideTracker store.

Award-Winning CBD made from oranges and unrivaled in purity and taste, our tinctures are the perfect daily partner for a more balanced life. All the powerful benefits of CBD, but made from the terpenes found in orange peels, not cannabis or hemp for 100% guaranteed THC-Free content. Now everyone can squeeze the most out of each day! Made with simple and effective ingredients, it’s delicious relief in a bottle.


Laptop stand for better posture. It is completely adjustable whether you have a standing or sitting desk. Never strain your neck again. 

Easy to use, easy to clean, fast, versatile, and convenient, the Instant Pot replaces 7 kitchen appliances: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker & warmer. With 13 built-in smart programs, cook your favorite dishes with the press of a button. The tri-ply, stainless steel inner pot offers quick, even heating performance. Enjoy quick and easy meals anywhere, any time. 

Get back to paper, with the wonderful The Hobonichi Techo. It is a Life Book that’s flexible enough to fit the lifestyle and tastes of its user, allowing for freedom in how to use it. The Japanese paper is a delight to use.

We have used ours daily for 5 years cruching up all manner of fruit and veggies that would be impossible for a regular blender. This machine is what you want if you make smoothies.I ntuitive controls. Simple design. You’ll love Vitamix for the same reason that professional chefs do. Whether you want to experiment with advanced techniques or just want to make the perfect margarita, your Vitamix machine can handle it like a pro.

We bought one 3 years ago, and use it multiple times a day. Better espresso than any shop we have been to. Huge savings too. Could not live without it. Compact, Built-In Coffee Grinder, Programmable Options, Control Each Step. Machines for Every Espresso Lover.

OXO Good Grips Citrus Squeezer. We use it several times every day. Lemons, limes and any citrus save waste, easy to clean up, and comfortable to use. A kitxchen essential.


Music to help you focus. Optimized by science. Most people can only concentrate for 20 minutes before needing a break.
This is due to:
DISTRACTIONS: Sound, Smell, Vision, Touch
BOREDOM: Social media, Texting, Eating…

Focus@Will uses features of sound discovered by neuroscientists to help you focus and retain information.

BrainTap website and products. This is our number one appliance discovery from last year. David uses it twice a day and describes the experience as super-sized meditation. He credits BrainTap with doubling the amount of deep sleep he gets every night. 

This remarkable book brings you face-to-face with an incredible selection of pioneering women who have reshaped the creative industries. From legendary visual artists Yoko Ono and Tracey Emin, to groundbreaking musicians like Annie Lennox and Debbie Harry, to fashion giants such as Miuccia Prada and Diane von Fürstenberg, this collection of original interviews and Polaroid photographs of almost 30 trailblazing women.

In this beautiful book-Dr. Qing Li, the world’s foremost expert in forest medicine, shows how forest bathing can reduce your stress levels and blood pressure, strengthen your immune and cardiovascular systems, boost your energy, mood, creativity, and concentration, and even help you lose weight and live longer.


Whether you own dunking dreams or simply want to take a pain-free walk around the park with your child’s hand in yours, Knee Ability Zero is your guide. Each exercise is accompanied by photos showing you proper form. Ben Patrick explains not just how to do each exercise, but why it’s effective in strengthening your hips, knees, ankles, Achilles and more. And it all takes just a few minutes several times a week.

This vibrating foam roller helps provide pain relief, increased relaxation, and faster recovery. Its cordless, rechargeable design features high-density EVA foam specifically in a compact, portable size for targeted relief. We like to use it after a heavy workout to release tension from sore muscles. 

Percussion massage to relieve tension and stiffness. Give your muscles the daily relief they’ve been asking for with the Hypervolt 2’s percussion massage. Warm up quickly, stay loose, and accelerate recovery at home and beyond – so you’re ready to tackle whatever comes next. See our review here.

Our favorite wearable tracker. WHOOP monitors your sleep, recovery, and daily effort around the clock to deliver actionable insights on how you can optimize your performance. Don’t want to wear the strap on your wrist? WHOOP also makes clothing and underwear that hold your device to continue monitoring your activity and health.

Use our link and code ‘AGEIST’ for 15% off.

Our favorite water bottle. It keeps your drink the same temperature as when you put it in. We love how there are different sizes, colors, and tops so you can customize your bottle to however you like it.

Satori concept cork yoga mats are made from sustainably sourced cork and recycled rubber, being completely non-toxic and TPE-free. They’re also soft to touch and feel wonderful against your skin during your practice. Use Satori Concept’s innovative mats for yoga, stretching, workouts, or meditation.


Trinny London’s skincare and makeup products are suitable for all skin types and ages. We like the nighttime retinal serum and the BFF Cream tinted SPF which is perfect for summer (& one of their best sellers). 

An unorthodox aromatic blend with botanical extracts and finely milled Pumice, to gently cleanse, exfoliate, and leave the hands smooth, purified, and refreshed.

An impossibly chic, multitasking palette of vibrant lip shades, Westman Atelier’s vegan lip colors are gorgeous in more ways than one. Created by celebrity makeup artist, Gucci Westman, its clean, natural, and richly-pigmented formula combines cosmetic appeal with skin care benefits that hydrate and smooth lips. The soft matte texture, offered here in four versatile and saturated shades, wears beautifully and feels like the softest suede imaginable.

The war on lips is officially over. After years of battling chemicals in the products we historically used to combat dry, flaky, chapped lips, women have a clean, moisture-rich solution worthy of the care our lips deserve. Our Lip Whip comes in peace. Our Lip Whip is the ultimate Natural Lip Balm.

A pigmented makeup base that delivers fresh, luminous coverage infused with a skin-benefiting active blend of ingredients. This luxurious cream foundation is formulated with active ingredients and antioxidants to combat redness, calm irritation, and boost moisture. The molten texture melts into skin for a radiant, natural finish. Among the skin-enhancing ingredients are:

Natural, oil-based beauty. Rather than obsessing over fewer lines and wrinkles, Kari Gran is dedicated to giving our skin the nourishment it needs so we look (and feel) good. This 2-week trial kit is packed with oil-based products abundant in antioxidants and omega fatty acids that nourish and hydrate skin while helping to support skin’s overall health.


Drift into dreamland with this sleep-enhancing weighted eye mask made of the finest quality mulberry silk. It blocks out light for more restful sleep as it gives your eyes the calming, therapeutic effect of deep pressure stimulation. 

Part of our nightly routine. Take 15 minutes before sleep. Simply mix with water or any hot or cold beverage—coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, you name it—whenever you could use a CALM moment. Let go of worries as the stress-relieving power of magnesium eases away tension.

David uses these nightly. Everyday stress. Snoring. Noisy neighbors. There’s plenty that keeps you awake. Introducing Sleepbuds™ II. Tiny and comfortable, Sleepbuds™ work with the Bose Sleep app to deliver relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep, and use Bose noise-masking technology so you stay asleep all night. Unlike headphones, Sleepbuds™ don’t stream music or podcasts. They play content only from the Bose Sleep app.


Welcome to the world’s first “midlife wisdom school” dedicated to long-life learning. With 2,000 alumni from 30 countries and 25 regional chapters worldwide, Modern Elder Academy is a global movement of curious and wise mid-lifers. Their programs help you invest in your sense of purpose, wellness, and community. MEA is on a mission to reframe midlife from a crisis to a calling. Our purpose is to help you find a renewed sense of purpose. 


The Apollo™ wearable improves your body’s resilience to stress, so you can relax, sleep, focus, recover, and feel better. Rather than tracking your health, the Apollo wearable is proven to actively improve it. Use code “AGEIST” to receive $40 off. 

An outrageously comfortable, easy on + easy off, everyday sock for all-day support. Designed for long hours on your feet or in your seat. Improves circulation, relieves swelling, and energizes feet and legs.

100% fine Japanese denim. Made in California. The Sailor Pant comes in a range of colors and are the perfect pant. Jesse Kamm’s mission is to create high-quality, durable products, produced ethically and sustainably. They are a small family business with an emphasis on respect for all people, and a high quality of life for ourselves and for our partners.  

JEANA SOHN creates easy, ageless, everyday pieces for women with creative minds.
Minimal and elegant designs feature soft, feminine tailoring in neutral tones, offset with masculine elements. Attention to detail and comfort are key, with high quality fabrics from Japan and Italy offering a tactile element that feels good on the skin.
The result is a uniform of wardrobe essentials that are effortless yet polished, taking you from day to night seamlessly – perfect for modern women.

Family-run factory, based in Barcelona. Each babaà piece is knitted using the very best Japanese knitting machines. Their top priority is knowing that their sheep have a happy and humane life, and we love supporting shepherds who share these values. The very best warmest most responsibly created sweaters we have ever seen.

Great design and build quality- snow, moto, travel and full lifestyle collections for both men and women and have permanent stores in our hometown of Los Angeles, as well as in San Francisco and Aspen, Colorado. Clothes meant for travel, clothes meant to be used and abused, put to the test against nature and the elements. David is an enthusiastic supporter.

The Air Tailwind and Nike’s new cushioning technology, Air, made its buzz-heavy debut during marathon season in 1978. After officially hitting shelves the following year, runners immediately embraced the revolutionary feel and support. The brand would never be the same. To celebrate this landmark running shoe, the maverick is back featuring materials and colors as close to the original as possible. Check it out in the timeless Vast Grey with Light Photo Blue.

Warm the heart and hands of the one you love with a gift of Klōsknits, a stylish yet sporty merino wool and graphene hand warmer. On the slopes or on a hike, wear alone or under gloves. Developed by a doctor whose son has Raynaud’s syndrome, they will keep your hands warm by keeping your arteries warm…