Daisy Lang, 50: Boxing Champion Helping Others

A pioneer in women’s boxing, Daisy Lang is now taking on new challenges, learning a new language in a foreign country and helping others through mentoring and motivational speaking. She explains the mentality of a champion, how her background in physical therapy helped her as a boxer, and how she helps others get unstuck.

The road is always hardest for pioneers. We like to think of people like us as being the pioneers of a new age, people who are living life in an entirely new way as compared to past generations our age. Daisy Lang is one of us, and she is also a very special pioneer: she pushed against expectations and became the women’s first three division world boxing champion. She did this coming from Bulgaria, a former East Bloc country, during a time when attitudes towards women were not as they are today. She had to be a fighter, not just in the ring but also for women’s rights in order to get into the ring.

In person, Daisy has an easy, relaxed charm, confident and funny, not at all the relentless gladiator one could imagine she would be. It is something that I have noticed before, working with other greats — truly accomplished people have very little ego, they know who they are and are relaxed in pretty much any situation. But then all of us, having been around for a few years, have a good sense of who we are, and what we can do. We just did it at a less spectacular level than Daisy.

You were one of the pioneers in women’s boxing. Why did you do that? It must have been very difficult.
Yes, it was a very difficult process – a different time. I was the first lady in women’s boxing in Europe. Nobody had heard about it or believed in it. I wanted to show in my country and in the world that a woman can be feminine, educated and number one in a male-dominated sport. That was one of the ways I fought for women’s rights in my home Bulgaria, where women didn’t have choices.

You were a world champion. What was it like to transition from world champion to not being world champion?
The life as a professional athlete at this level was like a soldier’s life for me. I was fortunate that I wasn’t injured so the transition came naturally for me by coming to America. it was a suitable moment. I was educated and worked as a Physical Therapist. My sports career opened doors for me in the health and entertainment industries. Also giving self-defense seminars and motivational speeches 

“The mentality for me is that there is no plan B, only plan A which means I thought only about winning the fights”

Could you explain what the mentality of a champion is and how does it differ from people who aren’t champions?
The mentality of the champion for me is to be able to defeat the opponent quickly and concisely as possible. There is no plan B, only plan A – you are focused on winning and nothing gets in the way of your goal… You have to show your strong character because nobody can help you in the ring, you’re alone. You need to believe in yourself. If you see yourself as a champion, then you will become a champion. This is hard work.No mercy!

You’re a businesswoman now. What are you working on?
With the situation in the world right now, many things are changing and I have learned to be flexible in my life. Because of my sports career, I’m a mentoring, giving motivational speeches and life coaching, and also giving seminars in private and government agencies. As well as working with children and those who have mental problems.

So many people self-defeat by feeling that something is impossible and then they get stuck. How do you help people get around that?
Often I give people an example from my boxing career when I would lose a fight. It taught me to pick myself up and draw on my inner strengths get up and continue the fight.

“My medicine knowledge helped me a lot in taking care of myself because my body was my capital”

How did your background in physical therapy help you as a boxer?
My medical knowledge helped me to properly take care of my body during and after my sports career. I am enjoying my life now because I don’t have any health issues

At what age did you retire?
I retired when I was 33 years old.

What is it that you like about fighting?
When I am fighting in the ring it is like I am playing a scene in the theater I like the adrenaline, the feeling you are alone defeating your opponent.

“I only had 2 fights that I had bruises on my face in my whole career”

What does it feel like to get hit in the face?
Because of my training preparations before the fight, I was only hit a few times in the face.During the fight the adrenaline is so high, I didn’t feel the blows until after the game is finished.

What are the other high adrenaline activities you do now?
I like extreme sports – skydiving, motocross, boxing, and martial arts. I enjoy anything that makes me feel alive.

How do you maintain your fitness?
I work out every day – boxing, weight training, running, swimming. I like hiking and being in nature.

How do you recover?
Nutrition is very important. I watch what I eat.I take supplements. I stretch more. I avoid sugar, salt, and bread. I listen to my body and sleep a lot. I listen to positive music and meet positive people because negative energy can make you sick and old.

“I don’t make long term plans but I can say that I will never stop helping people”

What are your goals for the next 5 years?
I don’t want to make long term goals, because of the crazy world.What I know for sure is, I will never stop assisting people, life coaching, motivational speaking, seminars, and bringing my professional knowledge as a world class athlete to helping others.

What are your three non-negotiables in life?
-Self-care. To have a healthy relationship with myself.
-Professionalism – I stand by my word, and respect others, personally and in business.
-Betrayal. No compromise!

Daisy Lang Official: https://youtube.com/user/99coldstone

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