The Health Impact of Urolithin A

The Health Impact of Urolithin A

This recent study came out around the efficacy of Urolithin A (UA). It “is a gut microbiome-derived natural compound that only 40% of people can naturally convert from dietary precursors at meaningful levels.” Research suggests that UA “enhances cellular health by increasing mitophagy and mitochondrial function and reducing detrimental inflammation.” In fact, several preclinical studies show “how UA protects against aging and age-related conditions affecting muscle, brain, joints, and other organs.” Urolithin A (UA) is a natural compound produced by gut bacteria from ingested ellagitannins (ETs) and ellagic acid (EA), complex polyphenols abundant in foods such as pomegranate, berries, and nuts. UA was discovered 40 years ago, but only recently has its impact on aging and disease been explored. In humans, benefits of UA supplementation in the muscle are supported by recent clinical trials in elderly people. Here, we review the state-of-the-art of UA’s biology and its translational potential as a nutritional intervention in humans. (Urolithin A is the active ingredient in Mitopure.)

This recent study

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