Rethink Your Sunscreen

Rethink Your Sunscreen

It’s not news that daily sun protection is important, even when it’s a cloudy day or we don’t think we’ll be outside much. However, did you know the type of sunscreen you use will be more or less effective? And the type of sunscreen you use could be toxic. 

A study out of Oregon State University found that after two hours, sunscreens that include zinc oxide begin to drastically lose effectiveness and could become toxic after ultraviolet radiation. The scientists involved in the study created 5 mixtures “containing the UV filters – the active ingredients in sunscreens – from different products available in the United States and Europe. They also made additional mixtures with the same ingredients, plus zinc oxide at the lower end of the commercially recommended amount.”

The study found that “commercially available small-molecule-based formulas, which were the basis for the formulas we studied, can be combined in different ingredient ratios that minimize photodegradation.” Interestingly, when zinc oxide was added, there was more than an 80% “loss in organic filter protection against ultraviolet-A rays” as well as a significant increase in toxicity.


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