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OURA Ring Gen3

If you are a frequent AGEIST reader, you probably know we are somewhat obsessive when it comes to testing, tracking, and optimizing. Oura Ring has become an AGEIST favorite for wearables. We like them because they’re sleek, discreet, and accurate at tracking our personal data. OURA Health has launched a new wearable, Oura Ring Generation 3. Gen3 “provides 24/7 health tracking with daytime heart rate monitoring, an improved temperature system, period prediction, plus guided and educational content, workout heart rate monitoring, a new, more accurate sleep staging algorithm, and blood oxygen (SpO2) sensing all coming soon.” Sign us up! They are also targeting an underserved market in wearable technology: women. Gen3 can pick up on “subtle changes in the body associated with hormone shifts in each cycle phase” thus being able to “help members better understand and track their menstrual cycles and, in turn, their bodies.” 

OURA Health

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Taylor Marks
Taylor Marks is a certified holistic health coach and professionally trained chef from The Institute of Culinary Education. Her passions include the latest research in health science, culinary arts, holistic wellness, and guiding others towards feeling their best.