New Measurements For Brain Health and Aging from Elysium Health

New Measurements For Brain Health and Aging from Elysium Health

Elysium Health, renowned for the quality and effectiveness of their products, always backed by rigorous science, has joined forces with the University of Oxford to further target brain aging and health. Specifically, Elysium Health in partnership with the University of Oxford will analyze the things associated with brain atrophy during the aging process. We are pleased to learn about this partnership because of the importance of longterm brain health to all of us. The decline of our cognitive faculties can lead to devastating outcomes, and great science brought bear on the topic is greatly appreciated.

As Elysium Health CEO Eric Marcotulli explains, “At Elysium Health, we develop novel products based on advancements in aging research to support lifelong human health. In pursuit of this goal, we partner with the world’s best institutions and researchers. Access to the VITACOG biobank through our ongoing partnership with the University of Oxford provides us with the opportunity to create entirely new and unique measures of brain-specific aging with the potential to elucidate new states of health and disease. From mild cognitive impairment to vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, there is a need for tests, diagnostics, and the development of new technologies to further our understanding of the progression of dementia and to measure the effect of different therapeutic approaches. This research project and its resultant applications demonstrate the potential of next-generation technologies based on the study of epigenetics — an area that is uniquely positioned for rapid growth because it sits at the intersection of AI/machine learning and aging research.”


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