Improving Crohn’s Outcomes

Improving Crohn’s Outcomes

A clinical trial led by the University of Cambridge involving 386 newly-diagnosed Crohn’s disease patients demonstrated that initiating advanced therapy immediately after diagnosis greatly enhances outcomes, significantly reducing the need for urgent abdominal surgery by ten-fold. Despite the inability of a genetic biomarker to guide individual treatment selection, employing a ‘top-down” approach with infliximab yielded remarkable results, controlling symptoms and inflammation throughout the year-long trial period for 80% of patients, compared to 15% with the conventional ‘accelerated step-up’ strategy. Patients receiving early infliximab also exhibited higher rates of endoscopic remission, better quality of life, decreased steroid use, and fewer hospitalizations, with only 0.5% requiring urgent surgery compared to 5% in the conventional treatment group. The findings challenge previous notions of ‘early’ treatment and advocate for immediate intervention upon diagnosis to prevent disease progression and improve patient outcomes, potentially revolutionizing standard clinical care for Crohn’s disease.


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