Fiber Might Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Fiber Might Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

Fiber is important for keeping your digestive system healthy, keeping your movements regular, and cultivating a rich gut microbiome. New research suggests that a diet rich in fiber is also beneficial for our brain health. In fact, research from the University of Tsukuba, Japan has found that high fiber diets are linked to a reduced risk of developing dementia. There are two types of fibers: soluble and insoluble. “Soluble fibers, found in foods such as oats and legumes, are important for the beneficial bacteria that live in the gut as well as providing other health benefits. Insoluble fibers, found in whole grains, vegetables, and some other foods, are known to be important for bowel health.” The fiber intake that had the strongest connection to reducing the risk of dementia was soluble fiber. In general, we do not eat enough fiber. We recommend 15 vegetables a day (herbs count) to encourage a variety of healthy gut bacteria. 


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