Can Long-Term High-Fat Diets Shrink the Brain?

Can Long-Term High-Fat Diets Shrink the Brain?

A study led by UniSA explored the impact of a high-fat diet on cognitive function and brain health. The study took a group of mice and a portion of them were fed a standard diet while the other mice were fed a high-fat diet. The mice that were on the “high-fat diet gained a lot of weight, developed insulin resistance and started behaving abnormally compared to those fed a standard diet.” In addition to these side effects, the study found “​​a clear link between mice fed a high-fat diet for 30 weeks, resulting in diabetes, and a subsequent deterioration in their cognitive abilities, including developing anxiety, depression and worsening Alzheimer’s disease.” These results add to the growing body of research that shows how important it is to address the “global obesity epidemic” which is contributing to cognitive decline in many individuals. 


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