Are Fiber Supplements Good For You?

Are Fiber Supplements Good For You?

Getting more fiber into our diets is important for reaching optimal health. “When your gut bugs are happily munching on a high-fiber diet, they produce more of the short-chain fatty acids that protect you from diseases of the gut, colorectal cancers and even obesity.” 

The best way to get fiber into your diet is through a variety of fruits and vegetables. For individuals who have a hard time eating a variety of produce, there are fiber supplements. But are these actually good for you? And if so, which one should you take? A recent study out of Duke University investigated these questions. The study conducted a “rigorous examination of the gut microbes of study participants who were fed three different kinds of supplements.” The study leader, Lawrence David, explained that “We didn’t see a lot of difference between the fiber supplements we tested. Rather, they looked interchangeable.” 


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