The Happy Hour Show: Episode 6 | “Pretty Good Advice” with Leslie Blodgett

Thank you for attending last Thursday evening’s Happy Hour Show with Chip + David featuring Leslie Blodgett dishing some Pretty Good Advice! It was the championship game of verbal tennis. Leslie was real, raw and redefined her title as the Queen of Beauty! Her beauty radiates from her heart, through her body language and into a rhapsody of the spoken word.

Here’s what was popping in our chat box…

1. “Leslie you are a delight and so inspiring. Thank you! Chip and David thank you for another awesome gathering!!!” – Patti Barker

2. “This is super the best – Leslie you are awesome. Thank you for your honesty and humor! HAPPY Happy Hour!” – Beth Bierly-Goodworth

3. “Thanks! Inspiring and fun!” – Andrea Pappajohn

4. “Leslie, you are fantastic! I absolutely love you. You have the most beautiful spirit and sense of humor! I will for sure read your book! You are an inspiration!” – Manette McDermott

Pretty hilarious and damn good advice from the evening:

1. Intermittent fasting for longevity.

2. Planks on the boardroom table and flash mob dancing at work build team character and physical strength.

3. The more beauty you see in the world, the more beautiful you become. (Leslie’s #1 beauty secret).

We’ll be back in two weeks with a surprise guest! If you have any feedback to our programming or any questions, please reach out: partners@agei.st. See you in two weeks!

Until then, remain optimistic,

David + Chip


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