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Age and Electrolytes

Gym fatigue may not be about age. You need to hydrate, and in order to do that properly, you need the correct mix of electrolytes. For many people, including me, this is a life-changing discovery.

Feeling sluggish in the heat? It may not be age-related; you may be underhydrated caused by not having enough electrolytes, especially sodium in your water. Sodium is an electrolyte that carries electrical charges (read: nerve impulses) in your body. Sodium also regulates fluid balance, which is at the core of hydration. When you don’t consume enough sodium, you can experience headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, and insomnia. This is what was happening to me.

Let’s clear up some decades-long misinformation. Sodium does not necessarily lead to high blood pressure. Only a small segment of the population has a sodium-related blood pressure reaction. This was a 180 degree change from what I had previously understood. To quote Dr. Scott Sherr on the SuperAge podcast, “Only a small percentage of the population is sodium sensitive when it comes to blood pressure.” He also makes it abundantly clear that the lower intestine needs a certain amount of sodium in order to absorb water, and that drinking large amounts of water without electrolytes will actually have a negative effect on the body. 

I had assumed my fatigue was age related; it was not. It was a lack of electrolytes in my water

During my workouts and in the sauna, I have always made it a point to drink water, but I would still feel knackered, sometimes for hours afterward. Then one of my athlete friends told me about the need for electrolytes, especially sodium, and about how important it was. Having had decades of experimentation with the various brands, he recommended LMNT which is all natural and has no sugars, with the correct sodium-potassium-magnesium mix. I tested it and the difference was extraordinary. I had assumed my fatigue was age related; it was not. It was a lack of electrolytes in my water. 

The name of the game for staying active with age is recovery. I used to stumble out of the gym, taking several hours to recover. Now it is more like 5 minutes. I see other people my age who are just dragging after a workout or feeling dizzy after the sauna. I know that feeling, and I also know the solution is so easy. In the course of doing our work here, I have heard this same story: drinking the correct amount of water with LMNT changed people’s ability to recover, be it in a spin class, jogging, pickleball, or anything sweaty, including walking around in the heat.

This is not just about athletes, either. Our brains are electrical organs and, without the proper mix of electrolytes, our fabulous brains will not function well. As a rule, I start every day with 2 big glasses of water with one packet of LMNT. If for some reason I forget, I will absolutely notice I am not thinking as clearly and quickly as I would otherwise. 

What I found out was that something as simple as mixing LMNT in my water will help me in all areas of my health

If you are sweating from the heat, exercise, or your beloved sauna, you absolutely need to replace your electrolytes. We pay attention to our food, our movement, and our sleep. We try to optimize our brains for long-term health. What I found out was that something as simple as mixing LMNT in my water will help me in all areas of my health including physical performance, brain function, sleep, and immunity. 

This is what I do:

  • Upon waking, I will have around 20 oz of water with raw, unflavored LMNT
  • At the gym, I will have a 32 oz water bottle with LMNT. During an hour-long workout, I will drink about ¾ of the bottle.
  • In a 20-minute sauna at 180 degrees, I will drink around 12 oz of water with LMNT.
  • During the day up until around 7 pm, I will continue to sip water with LMNT. I always bring a water bottle with LMNT in the car with me, too.

Right now, LMNT is offering AGEIST readers a free 8-single-serving sample pack with any purchase so you can try every delicious flavor. This offer is only available here

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  1. I’m going to give it a try – Thanks David! I was diagnosed w/Potassium deficiency of an unknown cause so I’ve tried a few electrolyte drinks that are so sweet that I cannot stomach them. I’m excited to see they have a non-flavored version and that no sugars are added. I’ll give it a whirl!


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