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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: 3 Essential Tips for Your Summer Fun

Travel experts point out that all indicators are high for the 2024 season: more people will be traveling than ever. We are hitting the skies, the roads, the railways, or the seas with gusto. Here are some tips to keep it healthy.

It’s about that time. That time of year when many of us have some sort of summer adventure plans brewing. Travel experts point to the fact that the barometer around key travel indicators is high for the 2024 season: unemployment is low, inflation is trending down, and consumer curiosity is at an all-time high. We are all hitting either the skies, the roads, the railways, or the seas. 

And most of us plan for what to wear and what to do while preparing for vacations, but do you plan for ways to stay healthy, hydrated, and energized while traveling? If you have ever been sick while on vacation, you can attest to the importance of extra support for your immune system before and during your travel. We recommend packing LMNT electrolyte sticks in your carry on; I’m currently enjoying the orange flavor, with citrus and grapefruit in the rotation as well. 

Every one of our cells and organs need water and sleep to function properly — our immune system included. And, flying is particularly dehydrating, so, for those of you hopping on a plane, remember to drink water (with those tasty LMNT electrolytes) throughout your flight. Unlike many electrolyte mixes, LMNT has no added sugar, meaning there’s no fear of inflammation or glucose spikes. AGEIST pro tips: Try to avoid highly caffeinated drinks and alcohol while in the air, as both will absolutely add to dehydration. And, pack extra LMNT packets — as your travel companions will certainly want to “borrow” from your stash. 

Three easy tips to add to your travel preparation

Get plenty of sleep. It is easy to skip an hour here and there during that week leading up to your summer adventure — it is an exciting and stressful time. But our bodies do important work while we sleep (specifically strengthening our immune system), so be sure to get those recommended 8 hours per night the week leading up to your departure. You might even want to place “sleep” on your to-do planning list. 

Immune-boosting supplements. Medical professionals recommend taking vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc for 5 days leading up to your travel and throughout your trip. Many of us wait until symptoms develop before taking supplements that support the immune system, and by then it is too late to have much of an impact while on your trip. Personally, I might even start 2 weeks ahead of time — as I have a tendency to over-stress prior to a trip.

Enhance hydration with electrolytes. To really boost hydration efforts around traveling, LMNT electrolytes have the right balance of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Electrolytes help facilitate the absorption of water in the intestines. When you add electrolytes to water, especially in situations where plain water may not be sufficient (such as long flights or spending time in intense heat), it can improve the absorption of water into your cells. Just drinking extra water in this instance won’t lead to the hydration your body needs during the stress of travel the way that added electrolytes do.

When following science with regards to hydration and immunity boosting, we also follow the recommendation of our medical professionals. Please check with your doctor before making any changes to your nutrition while traveling. 

LMNT, electrolytes, traveling, healthy
Packed LMNT on a recent trip to visit my daughter on campus — that baseball game was hot!

Hydrate for extra energy as well

Staying hydrated is also great for sustaining your energy level. Dehydration can lead to feelings of fatigue and low energy, which will dampen your travel experience. By staying adequately hydrated, we support our body’s energy production processes, keeping us more alert, focused, and ready to enjoy all the planning and preparation that went into our vacation.

Whether you are traveling by land, sea, or air — stay salty! And, we’d love to hear more about your travel plans for the summer — where are you going? Let us know in the comment box below. (We promise no FOMO!) 

For those of you looking for all the benefits proper hydration brings to our summer adventure, LMNT is offering our readers a free 8-serving sample pack with your drink mix purchase here

LMNT, electrolytes, traveling, healthy
Busted out the LMNT at Gus’s Good Times Deli — a campus tradition.
See medical disclaimer below. ↓


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Ashley Feltner
Ashley is a writer, an artist, and an ideator who has placed storytelling into her process for bringing sales and marketing ideas to life for over 20 years. Her background includes recruiting, training, content development, and ERG leadership within highly matrixed organizations that provide her a unique perspective and an ability to authentically connect with individuals from all walks of life. With the desire to place a little humanity into the digital experience, Ashley believes that words do matter, a little empathy goes a long way, and having a purpose in life is imperative. She and her husband Gabe live in Nashville, TN with two very active teenage daughters and two very lazy field spaniels.

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