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How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

This holiday season, let's indulge but also find balance. An easy win: staying hydrated with plenty of electrolytes

The holiday feasting season is upon us. While this time of year brings a lot of joy, nostalgia, and excitement, there also might be feelings of anxiety and guilt about the possibility of our healthy habits and goals slipping. We may be eating delicious, comforting foods that we don’t normally have, going out to more parties and events, getting less sleep, moving less, and drinking more alcohol. We aren’t advocating to not do these things. In fact, my favorite part of my Thanksgiving meal is a big slice of pumpkin pie. These “unhealthy” things can all fit into a balanced, healthy lifestyle. But the key word there is balance. We need to balance the scale back and maintain healthy habits that will keep us feeling good during the holidays and will help us ease our way into all the healthy goals we set in the New Year. 

One of our non-negotiables this holiday season is staying hydrated by drinking electrolytes. Hydration is vital every day of the year, no matter how healthily or unhealthily we eat, but it is especially important when we are indulging; staying hydrated will help keep you from overdoing it. And if you do overdo it, being properly hydrated will keep you from feeling crappy. You may also avoid getting that post-holiday scratchy throat or sniffles if you are properly hydrated. Not to mention, if you drink a little too much spiked eggnog, electrolytes will be your best friend in the morning. 

The reality is, we need the proper mix of electrolytes to adequately hydrate our bodies. LMNT is without a doubt the best blend of electrolytes I have ever tried. No sugar, no weird stuff you don’t want, just the electrolytes your body and brain need to function well.

So, this holiday season, be smart, but try to steer your mind away from guilt or anxiety about what you’re eating. Give yourself a little grace and enjoy this special time of slower days with loved ones. Keep up with the easy habits, like getting plenty of water and electrolytes each day. Your body will thank you. 

Keep up with the easy habits, like getting plenty of water and electrolytes each day

The research on sodium and other electrolytes has been revised recently, showing that our daily needs are much greater than previously thought. Sodium is critical to our health. The exact combination of magnesium and potassium in LMNT is the go-to solution for me and many of the people I know. When I told some of my friends I was having trouble recovering after my workouts and from the sauna, they told me it was the loss of electrolytes that was causing me to feel sluggish and my brain to feel dull. It turns out it was not my age, it was my loss of electrolytes and water. Solution: LMNT in my water.

Pro-tip: If you want a hydrating, warming drink this holiday, try LMNT’s new chocolate medley pack. Our favorite flavor is the Caramel Chocolate mixed with hot water and a splash of almond milk. It is seriously indulgent and insanely hydrating. 

We secured a deal for our readers to try LMNT. Go to drinklmnt.com/ageist to receive a free 8-serving pack with any purchase. This is a good way to test all the flavors to see which one you like best. 

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