Pause: Let’s Talk Menopause

No, menopause isn't a medical condition. It is a life phase. And there's an event this month where you can learn all about it.

Why is there a stigma around even using the word menopause? Why can’t we adults talk about a life phase that a woman may spend more than half her life in? Why is it just fine to be blasted with Viagra commercials, but speaking about the effects of menopause is somehow not ok? Isn’t this rather insanely medieval?

Menopause Is Not a Medical Condition

We recently spoke with Rochelle Weitzner, CEO and Founder of Pause Well-Aging, a champion of what one would think would be a pretty clear cut case of stating the obvious: all women go into menopause, there are 3 phases, and these three phases have associated effects. But for reasons beyond comprehension, these effects seem to have been deemed, by certain legal authorities, a “medical condition.” Apparently, a medical condition can only be addressed by a medical professional. Does that mean that all teenagers are in need of immediate medical attention because of their life phase? Well, maybe some, but that is another matter.

Pause Well-Aging Event

This sort of silliness is why we are enthusiastic supporters, and media partners, of an event Pause Well-Aging is hosting. It is a panel discussion in conjunction with Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards on February 20th from 6-9pm and you and anyone who may be interested in the subject matter are invited to attend! The panel is called Menopause, Beauty & Wellness: A Well-Aging Conversation. The panel consists of Rochelle Weitzner, Dr. Jessica Hill (Doctor of Physical Therapy), and Dr. Monique De Four Jones (OB-GYN). The panel will be moderated by Amy Synnott (Executive Editor Elle magazine).

Women’s Wellness During Menopause

If you are interested in learning about “what is normal” during menopause, what it means to be physically fit during this life stage, or what to expect in terms of skin changes and how to mitigate these changes, this panel is for you (and your friends). Attached is the invitation with more details.

If you wish to attend, you MUST register using this link as space is quite limited: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/menopause-beauty-wellness-tickets-91325752785?aff=pause 




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