Nai Vasha on UNDO Magazine’s Age Issue

YBL Conference speaker Nai Vasha talks to AGEIST about her wellness publication and the importance of intergenerational communities.

Nai Vasha, energy powerhouse and mover of cultures, will be on stage at the YBL Conference speaking with Susan Feldman, founder of One Kings Lane and Into The Groove, in an intergenerational conversation about life and business.

AGEIST: When did you found UNDO Magazine, and what is it about?

Nai Vasha: UNDO, as a collective, was founded almost 7 years ago with a handful of runners on a beach in Hawaii. We wanted to fill a void as we weren’t seeing a diverse array of people who looked like us in the running scene and knew that we could serve as an entry point for fellow outsiders looking to break into the world of running. What started off as a running community has grown into a global platform displaying new and exciting conversations around sports and wellness.

AGEISTYou are doing an issue on age. Why are you doing that?

Nai Vasha: The core of our magazine is about wellness. Not just yoga and green juice but how we are applying all of this knowledge into our hectic and demanding lives. When thinking about wellness from a larger scope we began to understand the importance of intergenerational connectivity for healthier living. We have so much access to information yet wisdom from elders is often ignored in our ambitious endeavors.

AGEIST: When did you become interested in age as a topic?

Nai Vasha: Each theme of the issue piggybacks off of personal changes in my life. After moving to LA, I began to get restless with my community, often searching for more from people who were lacking capacity. Little did I understand that what I was really missing was guidance from people who were beyond my social circle, beyond the youthful hustle. What some may call mentorship, I just see as a widened community. The definition of a tribe. Older generations working alongside younger generations for a more sustainable life.

AGEIST: What were some of the interesting things you learned from doing the issue?

Nai Vasha: This issue has felt like an entire semester in school because there has been so much information absorbed over the process. From understanding polycultures and rhizospheres to dissecting the art world with one of the top gallery curators, it’s been a humbling project, to say the least. One of the biggest takeaways from this has been making connections and watching things grow. I’ve always had my ego wrapped up in reaching out to older generations, thinking that they would see me as too young, inexperienced and rambunctious. Those doubts are far behind me as this experience has reminded me to just open my mouth, ask, and see what will happen. I’ve actually built relationships off of my passion for the work that I am doing. Most people who are secure in who they are in the world and career will offer support effortlessly. That has been the greatest nugget of understanding while working on this next issue.

AGEISTWe are having you interview Susan Feldman, the founder of One Kings Lane and now In The Groove. What sort of things are you interested in asking her?

Nai Vasha: Additional to learning about her businesses, and some of the differences she is encountering between them, I want to get to know her in a personal way. Identify some struggles that come along with success. Understand the role of intergenerational activity in her career. Talk about what is fulfilling to her, at this present stage of life, and how the idea of success has changed over the course of her career. I want to talk about time — how she has managed it, moments it felt like it was slipping away, and how she likes to spend her time.

AGEISTWhat are you doing additional to UNDO?

Nai Vasha: Although UNDO serves as a platform and wellness brand, it is also a way of life for me. I’m often signing up for things that challenge me and find ways to push my physical and creative thresholds. I am currently doing altitude training in Mexico, preparing for my 11th marathon and some additional adventure races. Beyond the sports training, I provide training in holistic health and productivity management. I’m the CCO and founder of a boutique agency in NY + LA focused on diversifying industries with fresh talent and culturally impactful messaging. I see time as this 24hr clock of opportunity and try to fill as much of my day with things that challenge and excite me.

AGEIST: We are excited to have you at YBL. What are you most looking forward to about being there?

Nai Vasha: Meeting new people and sharing this passion that I have for life.

Join Susan, Nai and a host of global thought leaders at The YBL (Your Best Life) Conference. Buy your tickets here for The YBL Conference, June 11, Los Angeles. This is the last week of the current pricing before ticket prices go up.


UNDO Magazine is a biannual publication created to expose a lifestyle of fashion, fitness, and community. Created by some of the top artists, athletes, and creative contributors around the world. Collectively, UNDO’s community of creatives put a stop to the never ending pendulum of excuses and started a new motion towards strength, nutrition, and wellness. This print publication is a sense-stimulating representation of our culture. It is every bead of creativity, tact, and sweat bottled up and served to you.

You can see PDFs of our previous issues here:

Issue 1: The inaugural issue of UNDO Magazine. An effort to collectively put a stop to the never ending pendulum of excuses and start a new motion towards fitness, nutrition, and sustainability. UNDO Magazine is a quarterly editorial created to expose a lifestyle of fashion, fitness, and community. Our first issue is a showcase of the best artists, athletes, and creative contributors from all over the world.

Issue 2: Winter Issue 2 is all about Falling vs Flying. How do we UNDO on the go? Most of our readers are international nomads, travelers, always on the go. Falling is never a choice but sometimes we slip. So how do we ascend together? We want our readers to plunge into the lifestyle of being fit and free.

Issue 3: Issue 3 is a collective journal of training. The scars, scares, wins and losses of going the distance. Linear progression. From athletes to artists, we devote countless hours of time to get better. Not just for competition, but for life. Between the pages are an Olympic gold medalist, Ironman winners, ninja warriors and everyday people who share a common language.

Issue 4:  Finding the reward in scars. Breathing into the pain. Discovering new life through recovery with every effort to be better. Stronger. Smarter. This issue is about nature and body. Acknowledging earth as our provider. From playground to beauty counter, battleground to pharmacy. We are fed from the dust that has made us. We are replenished by the water that saves us. Get dirty with us. Mother Nature has a message for you.

Issue 5: When was the last time you felt your feelings? Every experience has the power to trigger emotions and from these emotions, memories are made. In that same breath, we dissect UNDO’s emphasis on creating and distributing a print publication. As digital currently reigns supreme, new material fills the abyss displaced by algorithms and expectations. Digital can only feed the eyes and ears — but print gives you the power to meet creation with all of your senses. This issue aims to strengthen your brawn and your brain. Dig into stories of progress, process and what it takes to be sensitive to what really matters.

Issue 6: The theme for Issue 6 is “not so ordinary.” This issue is about the here and now. How we stay balanced. How we survive in an environment that seems shaken. How the human body is designed to heal itself, as long as we are good to it. This issue is about how to be good to different bodies. Especially those that don’t look like yours. We are here to shed light on what else is going on in the world. Real information. Real activism. Real activity.

Issue 7: As creatures of habit, we create systems to provide comfort and ease. Be it life’s trials, love’s quarrels, family drama, or just the need to be free, we all find escapism in some type of routine. This issue is an exploration into all of the things that make us the same. The secrets of our truths and how we use our time here to impact others. We exist in a culture that obsesses over art while ignoring the madness of artistry. Fluorescents in a room of smoke and mirrors. Not everything we see is what it seems and this magazine is positioned to offer truth to those who seek it. Community-driven, our goal is to be a panacea that unites us in our ways. We’re all just trying to find the perfect footing between life and vice.

Issue 8: Stop the madness for just a second. It’s time for a reset. Fitness is booming but everyone is spinning in circles, not sure of which trend to follow. Injuries are on the rise. Mental health is on everyone’s mind. It’s time for recovery. Time to put as much preparation into the night as day. Rectify any lack of stimulation by finding recovery in the eighth issue of UNDO Magazine. In this issue, we explore the idea of sleep from several angles. Our budding network of professionals weigh in on food, sleeping patterns and best practices for better sleep and digestion. Work smarter and not harder with the help of UNDO ORDINARY.

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