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Following on from the release of his “Supernatural Glam” album last year, we asked James Golding to share about his latest album, “California”

Hello there, AGEIST community. I am very excited and proud to share my new “California” album with you.“California” is my fifth solo album. The “California” record and its 11 album songs are a culmination of an 11-year labor of love, intrepid story, and journey as a British ‘rock impresario’ leaving London for LA and the Golden State of sunny California. By way of background and introduction, I grew up on King’s Road, Chelsea, London’s epicenter of movements such as ’60s British rock, ’70s punk, and ’80s new wave.  My father Peter Golding (aka the “Eric Clapton of Denim”) invented the original stretch jean back in the 1970s. In my early years, I assisted at my father’s boutique ACE, serving British rock stars such as Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. As a recording artist and musician, I opened for Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and Steve Marriott (Small Faces). I was also the club curator and event producer at London’s legendary Café de Paris.

Why the album title “California”?
For me, LA and California have a new-world pioneering landscape — a country within a country in a field of dreams and infinite promises, where anything is possible. Here, I felt I could expand to a new identity — build a new, fresh start and re-invent myself as an artist, entrepreneur, and as a “pioneer of a better age” at any age. I love the idea of the “Pan Pacific Silk Road” where the Asia – America cultures of East and West are connected by the greatest of oceans as well as the expanse and diversity of environment with its cities, mountain, desert and sea. And not forgetting the sunshine weather / sunny disposition, of course, although I miss the four seasons. There is also so much happening in the domains of art, biz, tech ideas, and fusion of cultures so it kind of has everything. The LA landscape is sprawled, it doesn’t have an epicenter as such, so it doesn’t define you. You can create and define your own life, but you need to develop a strong sense of self, focus, and purpose, otherwise you can easily get sucked in and spewed out — the “Hollywood dream” becoming a “Holly-weird nightmare”!

What was the vision and process of making the “California” record?
The original vision of California was to write and create a record combining my British rock roots and sensibility, infused with a California lush filmic production style, energy, and spirit.  The record encapsulates the experience and journey of a British ‘rock impresario’ navigating the twists and turns of building a new life in the Californian landscape. The main body and foundation of songs and tracks were recorded in London and Los Angeles studios through vintage decks and classic analog equipment. For the last ten years, I’ve been tracking, adding my signature vocal and guitar layers, with final mixing and mastering here in Los Angeles, the help and support of amazingly skilled and dedicated “real” musicians, engineers and co-producers.

Recording California has afforded me the opportunity to believe in, honor and harness my creative skills and talents, attracting and bringing together the incredible talents of many wondrous artists who have worked or performed with: Coldplay, Muse, David Bowie, Pink, Billy Idol, Simple Minds, Carlos Santana, The Stray Cats, Lemmy of Motörhead, Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees, Robbie Williams, and Lionel Richie to name but a few…  One of the reasons for creating an actual physical CD was to print a booklet with liner notes to list, acknowledge and express appreciation for all the support, efforts, and involvement of these beautiful friends and gifted souls (some of which have since passed away). 

What is the message behind “California”?
In navigating the twists and turns of the new Californian landscape, the ‘dream’ at times morphed into a nightmare and the silky ocean turned crushingly rough — but as the saying goes: “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” As Winston Churchill observed: “Success is moving from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm”! This California album represents a grand victory and manifestation of a dream vision in the application of determined daily effort, ingenuity, and focus. It is a reminder to continue to wrestle with, weather and win through storms, obstacles and so-called ‘failures’ to keep the ‘sun of hope’ shining, without the “loss of enthusiasm”!

Please enjoy the music and “California” ride and swirl. I trust and determine that my music, songs, and message will serve as an inspirational force for good; to celebrate, unite, re-ignite our proverbial “Rocket to the Moon” and encourage people, fellow protagonists and “heroes of humanity” to continue trailblazing a path as “pioneers” of a better age.

How can we support you? Where can we buy and listen to “California”?
Thank you! You can listen to, download and/or buy the physical (and personally signed) “California” CD, buy T-shirts and merchandise on my website here

The California Competition
You are also specially invited to enter the “California Competition” here to pick and share your favourite track from the album. Click on the link to listen on Spotify or your preferred platform and choose your favorite. Fill in & return the form and share with friends, with a chance to win a special “California” limited edition CD album and T-shirt set!

Good luck and rockin’ royal silky sunshine love and blessings. May you win the prize!  

Yours rocking and royally, James 

James’ Website

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