Jane Fonda in 5 Acts

What happens when your father is a distant Henry Fonda, your mom mentally unstable, you have massive talent as an actress, and combined with a compelling drive to make a difference in the world? You get a very complicated person. Jane Fonda in 5 Acts, a semi-unvarnished look at the life, work, activism and controversies of actress and fitness tycoon. Yes, she has had plastic surgery. Why? Because she is not as brave as Vanessa Redgrave. Yes, she was photographed in a North Vietnamease gun turret. Does she regret that? Absolutely. Was she a great mom? Not so much, but she did better than her parents did. Did she get rich off of her bestselling fitness video? Nope, she gave the proceeds away.

In this is a surprisingly engaging documentay of Fonda, we see a woman who has lived multiple lives, any one of which would have been remarkable. What really resonated with us, is that she is clearly not stopping-  a hit TV series, multiple film acting roles and her never ending fight for the causes she believes in. “My regrets will not be for what I did, but for the things I didn’t do.”

One of the traits we find with our community, is a sense of purpose, a drive to contribute, to be of value and to avoid irrelevance. “Its hard to be happy if your life doesn’t have meaning”, clearly a point of view that we agree with. Although we may disagree with her causes, we can’t help but be impressed by her zeal and enthusiasm for life, and for making a difference. This same drive has cost her in her family life and relationships. She does her best, as we all do, finding her own way, or as she puts it “Trying to be perfect is a toxic journey. Sometimes good enough is good enough.”


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