Podcast: Amanda Jones, 57. Overcoming Sexism and Ageism to Start a Business

AGEIST talks to Amanda Jones, founder of women-led cannabis wellness company Kikoko, about the challenges and rewards of her journey.

This week on the AGEIST Podcast, we have Amanda Jones, 57, founder of Kikoko, a fast-growing women-led cannabis wellness company. We admire her for her grit, her passion and her ability to reinvent herself. It is a great story.

She came out of a career in journalism and then did a massive career pivot by starting her own company. She faced the daunting challenges of trying to raise venture capital money in the very bro-dominated world of Silicon Valley and the additionally huge challenge of starting a cannabis company. Along the way she is having to change the historical stoner perception of what cannabis is, and show the great health benefits people can get from using it at the very low doses her products contain, especially women.

Her company has grown from a small band of dedicated co-workers to now a serious business that is expanding daily, in spite of the myriad difficulties that she faces. For instance, cannabis is illegal on a federal level, which can make doing business in the normal way somewhat challenging. 

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