5 Reasons You Need GetSetUp

Helping people start businesses by teaching them tech tools. It's like The Genius Bar, but better and for everything you need!

When I started AGEIST, I had zero knowledge of any of the tools we use today. I had to teach myself everything from Zoom, Gmail, Google Calendar, Skype, CRM, accounting software like QuickBooks, web design and analytics…all of it. I did it, but it was a very steep, often humiliating, learning curve. I relied on the tech FAQs pages and videos to teach myself. It was a miserable experience where I often felt the smallest, easiest features were beyond my grasp. It was a hard road, and it caused me to make a lot of costly mistakes. There is a much better way to learn these tools: GetSetUp.

Now is the time to look towards the future. Is there a project, a business idea, an idea you have for monetizing your years of knowledge and experience? You have all this great life experience in the bank, now is the moment to put it into action. Did you want to launch a consultancy on Squarespace, make a great LinkedIn profile, organize your team using a better database? But what about all the software you will need to use? How long will that take to learn?

Have a teacher show you how to use these.

Learn to Use New Software with a Dedicated Teacher

There is a genius solution that I really wish had existed when we started: GetSetUp. It is one of those OMG-why-did-I-not-know-about-this-before moments. Had I known about this, it would have saved me time and money, not to mention mental anguish, trying to teach myself the programs we use at AGEIST. How great would it be to have an actual human, one-on-one in a live session — someone who is highly skilled, is patient, and has a background in teaching — to gently walk you through the learning process?

GetSetUp is a teaching service that helps people like myself learn to use new software. For instance, Shopify, Copper, QuickBooks, Squarespace, LinkedIn…a whole range of small business tools. What took me days and weeks to learn, can now be explained in a couple of hours via video chat at home.  Special offer for every AGEIST reader: a discount of 25% by using the code AGEIST here.

Why You Should Check Out GetSetUp:

  1. Teachers that work for you. Watching videos and reading FAQs can be confusing, a waste of time, and often don’t have any relevance to the problem I am having. Everyone is different, everyone learns at different speeds and gets stuck on different issues. Remember back when there was actual customer service that could help people? That is what this is, but even better. They are working for you, not the tech company.
  2. Experienced, knowledgable teachers. People who love what they do, are most likely our age, and probably have a background in teaching. These are one-on-one live sessions with real teachers: “I love working one-on-one with people. I love seeing the light bulb go on for people when they have the moment of understanding.”
  3. The mental load is removed. As one customer told me, the huge benefit for him was an empathetic person who understood that this could be frustrating. The teacher helped him through the process by sharing screens and patiently walking him through the process.
  4. Hidden features are revealed. One of the odd things about the tech world is that they hide some of the best features of their programs by making them less than obvious. These are the sort efficiency-boosting features that a teacher can help you use, that you otherwise would not have seen.
  5. Make the best of your investment in these programs. Once you have made an investment in a tech tool, the tech company is charging you if you can use it or not. For all the time you may be struggling, learning how to use it, they are still charging you. With this teaching service, you are right away utilizing the tool and not wasting time and money.

These are caring people who support you while you are learning the product. People often need just a single session to get them over the initial learning hump, but if you need more, your teacher is there for you. You can have the same teacher who now knows and understands you. 

GetSetUp realizes that we are in dramatic times. They want people to be able to imagine their ideas and to quickly start getting to work. They are offering every AGEIST reader a discount of 25% by using the code AGEIST here.


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David Stewart
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