Diana McBride

Diana is an Orange County native who truly enjoys living and working on the California Riviera. She has spent the past ten years as Associate Publisher for Modern Luxury, a prominent luxury lifestyle publication, where she's gained a wealth of knowledge in the area of aesthetics and anti-aging. At 61, Diana has launched "Plastic Confidential" to share her insight with anti-aging enthusiasts who also believe that "age isn't a number, it's an attitude". diana@plasticconfidential.com

A New You in the New Year? News From the Frontiers of Aesthetic Surgery

News from the frontiers of aesthetic surgery. For those of you interested in a nip and tuck and what is involved, our expert Diana McBride from Plastic Confidential is here to tell it like it is. This sort of work is not without controversy, but we find it utterly...

How I Got My Teeth Tuned Up

Here's my tooth tale: Growing up in sunny Southern California, I was always outside having fun with my friends. A game of Marco Polo in the swimming pool when I was 9 caused me to hit my front two middle teeth on the bottom of the pool. The trauma...

Plastic Confidential: Cosmetic Age Interventions. Should You?

If we truly are a product of our environment, then I must be Barbie because I live in a Barbie world. Before you judge me or "hate me because I'm beautiful" consider your own lifestyle. Maybe you're a health nut who spends lots of time searching for the best industrial-grade juicer,...