David Tausik

David Tausik has written and directed feature films for indie companies and major film studios. Aside from rewrites, he sold 25 original scripts of which 6 have been made which, strangely, is a good batting average. He has been an avid film student since the age of 9, when he started frequenting double features at the many revival theaters that populated Greenwich Village. Making 8mm films throughout high school, David showed his work at The Kitchen and the Anthology Film Archives. At 14, he worked at New York's then premier movie bookstore Cinemabilia on 13th Street (with coworkers Rich Meyers and Tom Miller who later changed their last names to Hell and Verlaine and formed the punk band Television). Frequent customers were Francois Truffaut and Patti Smith. Deciding he preferred to make narrative entertainment, he moved to Los Angeles where he embarked on a successful career in film.

What to Watch This Holiday

If you have family or friends gathering for this holiday week, here are some smart, entertaining films with broad appeal. I’ll list a few good choices from some of the major streaming services, and let you know if they’re appropriate for young kids. I believe even the child-friendly films will...